Value-Based Solutions

Providing customized, actionable solutions in a value based world.

Data is what we do. As an HIE, we can supply data and analytics solutions that no other vendor or individual practice can. HealtheConnections offers a maintenance-free option to build or support your analytics strategy, fulfill data-driven requirements, and focus on your outcomes.

Direct integrations with all of your partners is difficult and expensive –

we’ve already done it.

Integrating, de-duping, standardizing, and normalizing disparate data feeds is overwhelming -

we maintain it.

Changing standards and new programs are constant –

we keep up with it.



Data Delivery

Receive consolidated, standardized, normalized data - no matter how many sources you’re drawing from.


Quality Measurement

Track your performance in real-time against up-to 37 NCQA-certified quality measures that are commonly used in quality improvement and value-based programs.


Data Forwarding

Receive comprehensive clinical data for your patients from across the community. We can provide encounters, ADTs, labs, images, and more for your patients in a variety of ways.


Quality Payment Program and Incentive Support

We’re a CMS qualified registry for the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). We can assist practices with quality measures, promoting interoperability and improvement activities.


Data Marts

View, filter, and utilize HealtheConnections data within your own analytics environment with a custom data mart.


Custom Analytics

Our experienced analytics team and clinical informaticists are here to provide you with the perfect solution.

Customer Types


Doctors and other healthcare providers can face data challenges that affect the care of their patients. HealtheConnections has worked with your peers to develop registries, reports, tracking mechanisms, and customized solutions to support practices that don’t have dedicated analytics resources.

  • Clinical registries for common chronic diseases
  • Dashboards and reports incorporating
    community-wide data
    • Community-wide data to create the most complete understanding
    • Incorporating measures and standards to
      create actionable information
  • Advanced data filtering capabilities
  • Qualified Registry supporting MIPS/QPP Quality Measures, Promoting Interoperability and
    Improvement Activities Reporting

Network Groups

As a network group, you may be challenged with data quality concerns, multiple integration points, and a need to evaluate quality scores on a broader scale.

  • Data Marts / Data Forwarding
    • One integration instead of many
    • Up-to-date on standards and new programs
    • Quality Measurement
  • Custom analytics to support your needs

Health Plans

Health plan operations are increasingly supported by clinical data. We streamline access to clinical data and provide clinical data expertise to our health plan partners

  • Enable care coordination
  • Standard Supplemental
  • Data marts and data forwarding for encounters,
    ADTs, labs, trans, and more

Community & Government Agencies and Research

Population health improvement initiatives rely on data to drive decision-making. We provide almost real-time data that can be used to support population-level solutions.

  • Custom designed population health reports
  • De-identified data or patient-level detail available
    depending on use case
  • Disease Registries for Pre-Diabetes, Diabetes, Hypertension, Opioids, and more
  • Community-level quality measurement
  • Provide clinical data to support clinical research and grant work

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