Value-Based Care Solutions

Providing customized, actionable solutions in a value-based world.

You’re faced with new challenges that require more information and better organization. You need to be connected to more data—quality data—that stretches further than your own electronic medical record system, supplied by an organization that will help you to innovate and adapt as your needs change.

As the reimbursement landscape shifts, HealtheConnections has developed value-based care solutions for providers, administrators, and payers in our unique HIPAA-compliant analytics environment.

myData is an innovative value-based care system that allows a user to easily organize and understand their patient profiles, identify gaps, and test for quality measurement requirements.

Many customers see 10x more information with HealtheConnections’ community data.

Easy to Use


Easy to Understand


Ready to Take Action


Flexible and Transparent

Calculating Quality Measures

Satisfying quality measurement requirements are critical for success. HealtheConnections is a Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), and calculates NCQA-certified electronic clinical quality measures for all types of value-based programs.

Analytics-Ready, Comprehensive Clinical Registries

Look further than your own EMR to get the most complete picture of your patient panel.

Clinical Reports with Built-In Metrics

Use our registries to generate reports to stay up-to-date on patient panel performance. View reports for controlling blood pressure, prediabetes, diabetes, and high emergency department utilization.

Give Us Your Data, We’ll Give It Back

We’ll help you organize and integrate your data with community-wide consented data so you can better understand your patients—without needing an inside analytics team.
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