Our mission is your mission. We’re a not-for-profit organization, offering services that allow healthcare professionals to access critical information that helps them provide better care. We develop technologies to help providers increase efficiency and reduce cost. We actively support public health initiatives. We create partnerships. We analyze and organize data. We facilitate collaboration, train, and advise.
Through trusted collaboration and valued services, HealtheConnections enables improvement in health and healthcare delivery that results in healthier people, better care, and efficient cost.

2019 Year in Review

Last year was a very engaging year for us! We’re excited to share our highlights with you in our 2019 annual report!

Deliver High-Quality, Efficient Care


Health Information Exchange

Securely access your patients’ medical records, for free, from all of their providers in seconds. With HealtheConnections’ health information exchange (HIE), you’re instantly connected to information from over 3,000 provider locations without faxing, without waiting.

Improved Clinician Experience

Improved Quality of Care

Improved Patient Experience

Lower Cost of Care

Quality Performance and Actionable Insights


Value-Based Solutions

Understand quality performance requirements and successfully navigate value-based payment systems with services from HealtheConnections.

Healthier People, Healthier Communities

Population Health Improvement

Our team is committed to improving the health of our communities. Let us help you use data to guide your decisions, promote health improvement strategies known to work, and communicate and collaborate with partners.

Patient-Centered Care

Learn how HealtheConnections leads to better information for providers, and how it supports better care for patients.

Training & Advising

Incentive programs, trainings, analytics consultations – we’re here to help.

Information Security

Security is a top priority, and ours meets the highest standard of certification available in the industry, protecting your privacy as well as any bank would protect your money.

Data Quality

Dedicated specialists maintain high quality records and ensure that data is constantly flowing, so it’s there when you need it.