Query-Based Exchange

With HealtheConnections, providers have the ability to access patient health information throughout New York State and federally connected systems—one of the few organizations in the country that offers such an extensive service.

Learn how Leo uses Query-Based Exchange to make life easier, both for his patients and himself:

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New York State Government Gateways

  • NYSIIS- By submitting a query to NYSIIS, users can view a patient's immunization history within both the HealtheConnections database and NYSIIS, then reconcile the immunizations between the two systems.
  • Statewide Patient Record Lookup (sPRL) - With sPRL, patient information can be queried securely across all New York State RHIOs. Healthcare providers can retrieve individual patient records from across the network once they receive patient consent.

Federal Government Gateways

  • Veterans Administration - Through the external document search function within Patient Lookup, civilian healthcare providers can query the VA system to view treatment their patient received at any VA facility within the United States. Military providers can also view electronic patient records within the HIE. Access to the VA's EHR database allows for better care coordination between military and civilian providers. The VA requires consent from the veteran to release their information, and HealtheConnections requires consent for the practices to receive the information. HealtheConnections is one of 20 HIEs in the country with the ability to share records with the VA Click here to view the VA consent form.
  • Department of Defense - HealtheConnections is one of 10 HIEs in the country that shares records with the Department of Defense.

Other External Partners

  • eMOLST - HealtheConnections will provide the ability to access the eMOLST Registry. This will allow authorized users to access electronic Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment in support of a patient's preference for care and medical decision-making.
  • Community Referrals - Connect patients with community-based programs through HealtheConnections' secure portal. The platform allows for bi-directional feedback to update providers on patient progress.
  • Perinatal Referrals - Connect patients with resources in their community for parents, nursing mothers, and other family resources through HealtheConnections' secure portal.