Our Continued Commitment to Public Health

Throughout 2022, HealtheConnections’ partnerships continued to prove just how valuable regional health information exchanges (HIEs) are for public health goals and objectives.

HealtheConnections hosted a learning collaborative with the Community Health Care Association of NYS and the Bronx RHIO on social determinants of health (SDoH) data, assisted the NYSDOH with a pediatric hepatitis advisory, and helped develop two public health use cases for the CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network.

These initiatives reinforce our dedication to public health work and priorities and lay the groundwork for future projects, such as:

  • Conducting a proof-of-concept project through funding from the NYSDOH and Health Research Incorporated. The concept project will assess the feasibility of developing a Regional Colonoscopy Registry.
  • Partnering with Westchester County to build an Opioid Overdose Hospitalization Report to assist local health departments in monitoring trends and identifying hotspots.
  • Working with Orange County to build a report to help local health departments identify new cases of syphilis in pregnant women to facilitate timely intervention.
  • Continued grant work under the CDC to support innovative work in chronic disease management. Building on previous years, HealtheConnections is adding a new report presenting the proportion of eligible people prescribed statin therapy.