HealtheConnections Announces Two New Functionalities

myConnections Launches for Health Information Exchange Access

This month, a new access portal, known as myConnections, will launch and be available for all users of the health information exchange (HIE). A single user ID and password combination will allow users to access all HealtheConnections applications in one place, making it easier to navigate between HealtheConnections’ applications.

Currently, there are two login screens for HealtheConnections’ Patient Lookup and Secure Messaging applications (see below): Patient Lookup gives users access to regional patient health records, while Secure Messaging (Direct Mail) application connects users to a secure email system for provider-to-provider sharing of patient health information.





The new login screen (below) will bring users directly to the myConnections portal:

_myC login


The myConnections portal (below) displays icons for HealtheConnections applications.



The initial launch will include the following applications:

  • Patient Lookup – Access to regional electronic patient records
  • Direct Mail – Access to HealtheConnections-supported email system to communicate with other providers
  • myAlerts – Notifies providers of specific patient activity: in-patient admittance, in-patient discharge, and Emergency Department registration

Application icons will only be visible if a user has access to that application. For example, if a user has access to myAlerts and Patient Lookup, then only those two icons will be available on the user’s myConnections portal. Additional applications will be released as they become available.

NOTE: If you have bookmarked the Patient Lookup or Secure Messaging (Direct Mail) login pages, these links will now redirect to the myConnections portal login page. The URL for myConnections is:


myAlerts Service Available for Providers

Providers will be able to receive electronic notifications from a new HealtheConnections service, myAlerts, on Tuesday, April 28 at 6:00am. With myAlerts, providers can keep track of their patients’ real-time in-patient admissions, in-patient discharges, or Emergency Department registrations.

Incoming information is analyzed electronically by HealtheConnections and automatically generates an alert to subscribing providers. Alerts are delivered via Direct Mail to a secure designated email address. Alerts that do not contain protected health information (PHI) can be sent as a text message to a provider’s phone. Providers have the option to receive alerts individually as they are generated, or in a “daily digest” once a day.

600,000 admit, discharge or transfer messages are scanned daily from our data sources, triggering provider alerts.


myAlerts can help healthcare providers:

  • Coordinate and avert unnecessary care for better patient care management
  • Access real-time Admision/Discharge alerts for quick and appropriate intervention
  • Follow chronically ill patients (e.g. CHF, COPD) to monitor emergent situations

Providers with NPIs will automatically be signed up for myAlerts. Healthcare professionals who do not have an NPI will not have access to myAlerts, but can contact HealtheConnections Support to get signed up.



HealtheConnections Support Phone: (315) 671-2241 x5

HealtheConnections Support Email:

Contact HealtheConnections Support with any questions:

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