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Incoming real-time information is analyzed electronically by HealtheConnections and automatically generates an alert to subscribing providers. Subscriptions can be customized in different ways, including consent-based, provider-based, and patient list, along with the capability to filter out hospitals.

Statewide Alerting
Statewide Alerting users can receive alerts from hospitals and other sources throughout New York State. These messages are available via consent-based and patient list alerting.

In one minute, learn how Eva uses myAlerts to receive electronic notifications when her patients are treated in hospital in-patient or emergency department settings:

myAlerts can help healthcare providers:

  • Avoid unnecessary treatments through better patient care management
  • Access timely Admission/Discharge alerts for quick and appropriate intervention
  • Monitor chronically ill patients (ex. CHF, COPD) through notifications of emergency events
  • Reduce cost of care associated with patients that are in the hospital versus recently discharged and back in a community setting

Alerts are offered for:

  • In-patient Admit or Discharge
  • In-patient Admit or Discharge Cancellation
  • Emergency Department Admit or Discharge
  • Emergency Department Admit or Discharge Cancellation
  • Medication Adherence Alert (currently available for patients who use Kinney Drugs)

Receive alerts conveniently through:

  • Real-time Direct Mail
  • Daily Digest Direct Mail
  • SMS Text Message (alerts not containing PHI)
  • On-demand through the myConnections portal