myAlerts electronically notifies subscribed health care providers when their patients are treated in hospital in-patient or emergency department settings.

myAlerts can help healthcare providers:

  • Avoid unnecessary treatments through better patient care management
  • Access timely Admission/Discharge alerts for quick and appropriate intervention
  • Monitor chronically ill patients (ex. CHF, COPD) through notifications of emergency events
  • Reduce cost of care associated with patients that are in the hospital versus recently discharged and back in a community setting

Alerts are offered for:

  • In-patient Admit or Discharge
  • In-patient Admit or Discharge Cancellation
  • Emergency Department Admit or Discharge
  • Emergency Department Admit or Discharge Cancellation
  • Medication Adherence Alert (currently available for patients who use Kinney Drugs)

Incoming real-time information is analyzed electronically by HealtheConnections and automatically generates an alert to subscribing providers. Subscriptions can be customized in different ways, including consent-based, provider-based, and patient list, along with the capability to filter out hospitals.

Receive alerts conveniently through:

  • Real-time Direct Mail
  • Daily Digest Direct Mail
  • SMS Text Message (alerts not containing PHI)
  • On-demand through the myConnections portal

Statewide Alerting
Users can receive alerts from hospitals and other sources throughout New York State. These messages are available via consent-based and patient list alerting.