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Image Exchange

HealtheConnections is the Image Exchange leader in New York State, with capabilities among the best in the nation.

HealtheConnections partners with many diagnostic centers, including hospital-based and independent regional radiology centers, that contribute imaging studies to the health information exchange. While the images come from a variety of radiology systems, HealtheConnections uses a universal viewer to display the different formats with no special equipment or software needed. Users are able to view diagnostic-quality images such as x-rays, CTs, MRIs, mammograms, and more via myConnections portal. Or, take delivery of reports and images through Results Delivery to an HIE-connected EHR.


Take images from the myConnections portal and pull them directly into your PACs server, eliminating the need for discs!

COVID-19 Resources

How can Image Exchange help me during COVID-19?

With Image Exchange, you can view your patient's diagnostic-quality images even if the imaging center isn't open. View our participant map to see what imaging centers are connected near you.

What other COVID-19 resources do you offer?

We've enhanced our existing HIE services to include COVID-19 related results.

In one minute, learn how Craig uses Image Exchange to avoid delayed care to his patients:

Our participants use the Image Exchange service to:

  • View diagnostic-quality images easily and efficiently for comparative studies
  • Eliminate the reliance on patients to bring required images to your office
  • Reduce repeated patient visits due to incomplete records
  • Reduce staff time spent faxing or mailing patient records or waiting to receive records
  • View multiple images at once to compare side-by-side
  • Transfer images to radiology systems
  • Real-time session sharing for consultations, second opinions, and grand rounds