HealtheConnections Joins NYeC Public Health Workgroup

Earlier this year, NYeC convened HealtheConnections, other RHIOs, the NYSDOH, and external advisors to form a public health workgroup. The group aims to support State and local health departments across New York. It is their goal to protect and improve the health of their communities by addressing gaps in data to understand and intervene on issues impacting the health and safety of their residents.

Specifically, the aims of this workgroup include:

• Supporting health departments by coordinating data requests and analyses across the six RHIOs of New York, participants, and other stakeholders.

• Advising developing policies and systems to enable proactive monitoring of public health indicators, including chronic disease prevalence, social determinants of health, and health disparities.

• Developing data strategies that will allow health officials to establish and track progress toward benchmarks across geographies, demographics, and time.

• Fostering and promoting the innovative use of HIE infrastructure in support of public health priorities.

• Providing timely insights and recommendations based on the changing policy landscape and innovations in health information exchange across the US.