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HealtheConnections Enters a Strategic Partnership with HealthlinkNY

A message from CEO Rob Hack:

To our participants, partners, and stakeholders:

You value actionable data, continuous innovation, and a shared vision for improved health and healthcare delivery for all, just like we do. This type of progress can only be achieved through enhanced collaboration and looking beyond the status quo.

It is with great pride that we officially announce a strategic partnership between HealtheConnections and HealthlinkNY that will help to bring this shared vision to our colleagues in the Southern Tier and the Hudson Valley.

Through the course of the year, HealthlinkNY has sought the right partner to help raise its already successful organization to the next level. The criteria was stringent: This organization needed not only the best technology, but to share a commitment to excellence and align with company culture and values. After interviewing potential partners, HealthlinkNY ultimately decided that the work we do with you, our community, has delivered the value they hope to bring to their constituents.

HealthlinkNY currently boasts connections with all 43 hospitals in the Southern Tier and Hudson Valley, as well as nearly 1,800 sites. They have recently hit the 2 million mark for patient consents and 374 participating provider organizations – that’s up from 271 at the end of 2017.

Our commitment to innovate and deliver value for you has never wavered, and we thank you for your continued support. We are excited for the momentum this new opportunity offers!

Stay tuned for more details as we move forward together.


Rob Hack
HealtheConnections President and CEO