HealtheConnections Can Help During a Security Incident

As a HealtheConnections participant, you have access to community-wide medical records for your patients. Not only does this help provide optimal care every day, but you also gain a backup system when and if a security incident occurs.

Security-related incidents in the healthcare space are continuing to rise and recently hit close to home. One of our hospital participants experienced an incident where they could not access their data due to a security vulnerability. However, because they contribute data to HealtheConnections, they could still access a full copy of their data through our health information exchange (HIE). The result was that care providers could still see their patients and access their data without canceling or rescheduling appointments.

The HealtheConnections HIE is cloud-based, meaning participants can access data safely, securely, and quickly, even without a special system or software. It also means they can access patient records from other organizations in our community when they don’t have access to their own electronic health record systems. And, if a participating organization is also contributing data, we can send a full copy of that organization’s data back, should any be lost during a security incident.


Contributing data to HealtheConnections is important not only in emergency situations within your organization but also to support better care delivery, population health initiatives, and even public health efforts in your community. We offer a variety of innovative services that allow providers, medical staff, and public health professionals to access, organize, and understand their data to target patient needs and positively affect outcomes.


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