Direct Mail


HealtheConnections offers an easy-to-use, secure communication method for healthcare professionals to connect within our region at no cost.

HealtheConnections Direct Mail can help reduce fax usage in addition to time spent calling and waiting for patient test results between participating organizations. This benefits both patients and providers by improving the exchange of health information, making it easier, faster, more secure and less expensive. Direct Mail empowers clinicians with HIPAA-compliant communication and collaborating options, such as sending and receiving referrals, for improved coordination of care.

Our solution includes a Provider Directory, making it simple to find authorized healthcare providers for sending emails and referrals. A user can quickly address secure messages to their selected addressees and include attachments in several formats. If a provider uses a different Direct or Secure mail solution, which is linked to HealtheConnections, you can still send correspondence by simply knowing the provider’s secure email address.

Direct Mail can help you with:

  • Sending patient results sent to a Direct Mail account if you don’t have an EHR
  • Real-time chat sessions with other health care professionals for instantaneous collaboration
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant email communication
  • Adding attachments in PDF, JPEG and CCD formats, benefiting providers striving for Meaningful Use
  • Easily sending and receiving referrals electronically
  • Searching an extensive directory, which allows users to search for referral partners both within and outside of the 26-county region

Hospitals and providers preparing for Meaningful Use Stage 2 must be able to meet the Transitions of Care/Summary of Care and Patient Engagement objectives. Additionally, providers are also required to meet the Secure Messaging objective. The Direct Mail module offered by HealtheConnections can facilitate the meeting of these requirements.