Coming Soon: Modernizing the HIE through a Data-Centric Model

Our HIE users have come to expect a high level of performance from our systems and services, with a focus on continuous improvement and optimization. Now, we’re kicking off a new initiative to advance our system further through a data-centric mentality and new infrastructure model that will take us through 2024 and beyond.

Health information needs are constantly evolving and serve diverse purposes, and our core services must offer the flexibility required to meet those emerging needs. The vision of data centricity is simple: By looking at data as the core asset independent of a single application or service, we’ll build a new infrastructure that will leverage the most up-to-date technology and increase the efficiency and adaptability of the tools we provide.

Our teams are actively engaged with development partners to refine and execute this vision. It’s taking shape, and we are excited to keep you informed over the coming months.