Capturing Social Needs Data Is Critical for Better Health

An important component of the New York 1115 Medicaid Waiver activities includes exploring the Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) data currently housed in our health information exchange. HealtheConnections has continued it efforts in this space as a member of a workgroup led by our partners at the Bronx RHIO, working to refine the standards for how all regional health information exchanges should be ingesting, handling, and reporting SDoH data to drive a more holistic view of health needs in our communities.

We receive social needs data in several forms. Some data come in as unstructured responses from standard assessment tools like PRAPARE or the AHC HRSN Screening tool, while other data are more structured and come in as ICD-10 Z Codes. The volume of this type of data will only increase as clinical providers begin to use this information and seek to understand it to better serve their patients, and as Waiver activities begin. Standardizing SDoH data received across the state now will be vital to ensuring it is useful for those purposes long-term.

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