Authorized Users Can Query NYSIIS, VA Through HIE

HealtheConnections has partnered with both the state and the federal government to give Authorized Users of the health information exchange (HIE) the ability to query the New York State Immunization Information System (NYSIIS) and the Veterans Administration (VA).

NYSIIS Immunization Query
With the launch of this new function, HIE users can now query NYSIIS to view a patient’s immunization history. HealtheConnections provides this query with the click of a button once a user has selected a patient within the system. The query result shows the immunizations known to NYSIIS and those which exist within the HealtheConnections database. Users can reconcile the immunizations between the two systems by selecting immunizations to be added to the HIE. If the patient is not known to HealtheConnections (i.e. if the patient is not in the HIE), the system then allows the user to add their patient to the database. The immunization query is enabled practice by practice, and a NYSIIS ID is required to enable the function.

Veterans Administration Patient Query
The VA and HealtheConnections are working together to allow HIE users to query the VA’s medical records system. Through the external document search function, the VA system can be queried for treatment received at any VA facility within the United States. The VA requires consent from the veteran to release the information, and HealtheConnections requires consent for the practice to receive the information.

Please contact HealtheConnections Support at for more details or to set up a training for these features.