Surgery Centers


As a surgery center, your focus is on pre-admission and providing outpatient surgery, pain management, and diagnostic services. Access to patient medical records is crucial to providing the best care to your patients.

In one minute, learn how David uses HealtheConnections at surgery centers to easily access the most complete information, all in one spot:

Quickly Accessible Medical Histories and Imaging Records Are Critical.

How can surgery centers use Patient Lookup, Image Exchange, and Direct Mail to provide quality, efficient care?

Tammy is a 45 year old female that has had chronic hip pain as a result of an accident a few years prior. Her primary care provider had referred her to an orthopedic surgeon for a consultation. He reviewed prior treatments and associated radiology images, and it was determined that she needed a hip replacement.

On the morning of her surgery, the staff at the surgery center reviewed the records available in Patient Lookup, including her current medications and allergies. The surgery went smoothly and she was able to go home to recover. Her orthopedist received a copy of the notes via Results Delivery in his EMR following the procedure. Her primary care provider also received a copy of the results in the HealtheConnections provider portal.

The primary care provider sent a referral to the orthopedist via Direct Mail after reviewing her prior history in Patient Lookup.

They sent a Direct Mail to the orthopedist for a recommended treatment and appointment.

The Surgery Center was able to get an accurate list of Tammy’s prescriptions through Patient Lookup, and ensure she was safely treated with the proper medication.

During surgery, the anesthesiologist checks her allergies to ensure she is safely sedated.

The most common services used by surgery centers are:

Patient Lookup
  • Healthcare providers can view comprehensive electronic patient records that display medical history, laboratory results and radiology reports and tests
Direct Mail
  • Providers can discuss protected health information with doctors in other facilities with the Chat feature
  • Referral packages can be sent for Meaningful Use Transition of Care using a HIPAA-compliant messaging system
  • When a patient is admitted to or discharged from an inpatient facility, or if they have an emergency department registration, subscribed providers are notified of the event
Results Access & Delivery
  • Both images and clinical results are sent directly to a provider’s connected EHR system or through Direct message to be viewed and stored, or are available through myResults
Image Exchange
  • Providers can view diagnostic-quality images within the HIE or their connected EHR
Query-Based Exchange
  • Healthcare providers can access state and federal systems and other external partners to view patient data