2024: Investing in Innovative Data Centric Technologies and Services

As we approached our thirteenth year of operations providing actionable health information exchange (HIE) services for over 1,600 organizations across New York state, we developed a vision for the future. We’ve learned that each participating and partnering organization has unique information needs which require increased data dexterity and flexibility. These information needs will continue to become more diverse, and our focus is extending beyond clinical data to include social needs data, claims data and other sources of data which are needed to provide optimal care and improve health. We will continue to see increased collaboration and data sharing with the New York State Department of Health, county health departments, and partner HIEs. We are also collaborating with some of the New York State HIEs on opportunities for shared infrastructure, shared services and shared data.

We have begun implementation on new, advanced technology to realize the vision and continue delivering the advanced solutions and data services you expect. Our plans are focused on a launch toward the summer of 2024, and we will keep you informed of our plans and progress.