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Secure, HIPAA-compliant communication for fast and easy care coordination. The intuitive system allows for live chat, sending and receiving attachments, and contains a national provider directory to connect you to referral partners.

View diagnostic-quality images easily and efficiently for comparative studies directly in the provider portal or have them delivered into your own PACS through Transfer-to-PACS.

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Receive clinical notifications customized to your preferences in-region and throughout New York State. Filter and subscribe to alerts by patient, hospital, or consent, and receive through secure Direct Mail or in our myAlerts application.
If you are requesting Provider Based (NPI) alerting, but are NOT the provider, please ensure that you add the provider(s) that you need alerting for in the DELEGATION section below.

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HealtheConnections can allow "delegates" or alternate recipients to receive alerts or results on behalf of another provider or the organization.

Add provider names and NPIs.

Add provider names and NPIs.

Consolidated patient information from hundreds of data sources creates a comprehensive clinical record. Medications, allergies, medical history, labs and more. Clinical access is required to access patient records.

Non-Clinical Access is patient demographics only. This will allow a user to return a search result for a patient and enter consent only.

Public Health access is available to users at Public Health entities only and allows them to bypass consent for Public Health.

Organ Procurement access is available to specific Organ Procurement organizations only.

Medical Examiner access is available to Medical Examiner's only.

Research is available for research studies and requires use of a Level 2 consent.

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If you are NOT an authorized employee of a participating organization, DO NOT submit this form. If you are a patient or member of the community and have a question, contact us here. If you are a health professional and your organization does not yet participate with HealtheConnections, contact us here.