Who We Serve

HealtheConnections’ health information exchange covers 26 counties in New York State, supporting more than 10,000 physicians and the millions of patients they serve.
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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are professionals whose work helps to maintain the health of their patients or clients. This group spans a wide array of organizations, from those that provide medical treatment to case management to counseling services. Each type of organization may play a critical role over the course of the patient’s lifetime, and having access to the patient’s medical history can enable better care.


We are all patients. And we all stand to benefit from what HealtheConnections is doing.

HealtheConnections’ goal is to connect the healthcare community so that patients are not tasked with transporting their medical information from provider to provider. We allow providers, with your permission, to access your medical records from the 3,600 different locations we’re connected to. This allows your provider to access results and reports as they are written or received by HealtheConnections from the source, saving you from repeated tests, and allowing your provider to collaborate in real-time with other providers as necessary.

The decision to participate in HealtheConnections as a patient is up to you! You must provide written consent to each of your healthcare providers to access your information. Without consent, only in life-threatening emergencies can providers access this information. You can elect to not participate in HealtheConnections by declining consent, whereby your information can not be accessed - even in a life-threatening emergency.


The HealtheConnections approach to improving healthcare, lowering health costs, and making our population healthier goes beyond providing services to individual providers and patients. Our population health improvement objectives include the provision of community health data, best practices, and innovative strategies to build the capacity for population health work in our designated regions. These approaches are rooted in stakeholder input, and emphasize the reduction of health disparities and the advancement of county, regional, and state population health goals.

HealtheConnections engages and interacts with the healthcare and patient communities through various events throughout the region. You’ll often find us at health fairs, conferences, and seminars, as well as volunteering for and sponsoring charitable efforts with the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, and more.