HealtheConnections: How myAlerts helps promote better care: Leslie Bush

"Since implementing Transfer-to- PACS, our workflow has become more efficient than ever. There is no more time wasted while waiting around for images to be sent to our office on discs. Instead, we can pull up prior results in the HIE and compare them immediately to the new images—it must save me three hours per day. This has made such a tremendous positive impact on the quality of care we provide to our patients."

- Obie Burger, K&A Radiologic Technology Services, Inc.

HealtheConnnections: Emergency Department: Dr. David Seeley, MD
"Crouse is a major stroke center… time is very critical in the management of these patients. HealtheConnections helps us make quick decisions... and in many cases, helps us save lives."

- Dr. David Seeley, MD
HealtheConnections: Importance of Data-Driven Care: Dr. Indu Gupta, M.D., M.P.H.
"Healthcare is in a constant state of flux, relying on new statistics and data to develop innovative solutions that will contribute to a healthier community and improved lives. HealtheConnections brings a data-driven philosophy to healthcare improvement."

- Dr. Indu Gupta, M.D., M.P.H.
HealtheConnections: Efficient Care, Immediate Value: Dr. David Wormuth, MD
"Since I have started using the HealtheConnections site, my job has become a little easier. I'm able to log in [to the Health Information Exchange] to access records from the hospital if a patient was there for a visit, for blood work, etc. Being able to view the reports online and not having to rely on receiving records via fax is also a good thing."

- Carla Thurston, East Hill Family Medical
HealtheConnections Health Information Exchange: Jeffrey Sneider, M.D.
"A patient called the office with possible pneumonia. They were asked to get a chest X-ray, then come right over to our office. When the patient arrived a little over an hour later, we had not yet received a call from the radiologist [regarding the X-rays]. I logged onto the HIE and, within minutes, I not only accessed the X-ray report, I was able to see the films and make my own assessment. It was amazing!"

"I continue to use HealtheConnections every week, often right in the room in the presence of the patient, to look up information that was recently done (like one X-ray that had been done just an hour earlier!) or reports that never arrived."

- Jef Sneider, M.D., FamilyCare Medical Group
HealtheConnections: Supporting Clinically Integrated Networks: Dr. Martin Stallone, MD
"HealtheConnections is facilitating data coordination for its participants, making it easier for all of their constituents to meet governmental standards, analyze data and provide the best care."

- Dr. Martin Stallone, MD
HealtheConnections Patient Lookup: Leo Sanchez
"When I first learned about HealtheConnections, I immediately saw the benefit for dental offices. This is a great way to help bridge the communication gap between dentists and physicians, and face it: we all can agree that there needs to be better communication in this area. Whether it is being able to pull up recent lab results, or see the outcome of a recent hospitalization or office visit, or just an easier way to communicate with physicians, it can be valuable to dentists to communicate with other dentists via email in a HIPAA-compliant manner. There are a lot of email solutions out there, almost all of which require a monthly payment in order to be HIPAA-compliant, but HealtheConnections provides this service free of charge. It's really a no-brainer. HealtheConnections ought to be the primary HIPAA-compliant communication tool between dentists and physicians, and between dentists and other dentists."

- Steve Sheffield, DDS, LaFayette Dental Associates
HealtheConnections myAlerts: Eva Butler
“I am in full support of the RHIO and we have seen improved efficiencies at Liberty Resources as a result of using the RHIO. It has allowed us to receive lab and radiology reports without the hassle of faxing consents to the other providers which can take several days. It has allowed us to gather additional details on ER visits as well as even find a client whom we were unable to reach, ultimately finding that they were admitted to a hospital. Every time I train a new staff coming to us from another agency, they are very impressed with the functionality and often comment that they wished they had known about this in their previous job.”

- Amy Eells, Liberty Resources
HealtheConnections Image Exchange: Craig Pole
“Before we were making phone calls, sending faxes, a lot of leg work. Now, we can go look the information up...and have it ready before the patient even starts the exam.”

- Craig Pole, Rome Memorial Hospital
HealtheConnections Health Information Exchange: Leo Sanchez