Population Health Data Dashboard


Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Health Indicators by County and Region

This dashboard has reports on over 20 behavioral risk factors by both county and region. Use the drop-down menu on the left to select the health indicator you wish to see data on. Once you have selected your health indicator, you can then toggle between map, county table, and regional table.


Families Receiving Food Stamps

This dashboard shows the number of families who are receiving food stamps by the county in New York State. Use the buttons at the top to see the information by household and race displayed in tables and graphs.


High School Youth Risk Behavior

This dashboard has over 50 different high school youth risk behaviors broken down by question and grade level. Select from the question drop-down menu at the top the data you would like to see.


Population Living Below Poverty Level

This dashboard has the information on the percentage of the population living below poverty for each county in New York State. Use the buttons at the top to see this information broken down by age groups, rece/ethnicity, and education.


Unemployment Rate by Demographic

This dashboard has unemployment rates for all zip codes in New York State. Select your zip code by using the drop-down menu at the top right-hand corner, or by clicking on a zip code's area on the map. Once you have selected your zip code, scroll down to see demographic information.