HealtheConnections Partners with NYS Arthritis Program

This partnership will help increase physical activity counseling and referrals to evidence-based interventions for adults with arthritis.

HealtheConnections is partnering with the New York State Department of Health to offer tools for health care providers to play an important role in helping patients with arthritis become physically active to reduce arthritis pain.

In recognition of Arthritis Awareness Month this May, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the New York State Department of Health encourage health care providers to talk to patients with arthritis about physical activity to relieve arthritis pain and symptoms.

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HealtheConnections Tools for Health Care Providers:

myData Arthritis Dashboard – users can easily access a list of their patients with arthritis, to identify those who could benefit from counseling and referral:

Community Referrals – users can refer patients with arthritis to community-based and online programs like Enhance Fitness, Walk with Ease, and Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs

Arthritis Dashboard Details

Community Referrals Details

For more information and resources, The New York State Department of Health has recently released a new toolkit to support your counseling and referral efforts for patients with arthritis. The toolkit offers resources to help you prescribe the right “dose” of activity to get people moving, recommend local places for accessible recreation opportunities such as walking in NY State Parks, and refer patients to evidence-based physical activity programs like Enhance Fitness and Walk With Ease.