Collaborating to Provide Better Care: Immunizations

November 16, 2018

HealtheConnections facilitates Kinney Drugs automated submissions to NYSIIS. Beginning in early 2018, HealtheConnections and Kinney Drugs have worked together to bring a new feature to their pharmacists. They are now able to automatically submit immunization records to the New York State Immunization System (NYSIIS) through HealtheConnections, the health information exchange (HIE). HealtheConnections has been connected…

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HealtheConnections and HealthlinkNY Enter Into Strategic Partnership

October 22, 2018

This September, HealtheConnections proudly announced a strategic partnership with HealthlinkNY. The goal? To accelerate growth and promote efficiency, innovation, and ultimately affect positive patient outcomes. As a team, the two QEs will connect providers from the northern border of New York City, through the Hudson Valley, and throughout the Southern Tier and Central New York…

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HealtheConnections Enters a Strategic Partnership with HealthlinkNY

September 21, 2018

A message from CEO Rob Hack: To our participants, partners, and stakeholders: You value actionable data, continuous innovation, and a shared vision for improved health and healthcare delivery for all, just like we do. This type of progress can only be achieved through enhanced collaboration and looking beyond the status quo. It is with great…

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HealtheConnections expands Clinical-Community Referrals

June 21, 2018

Connecting clinicians and community-based programs to improve health. In 2016, HealtheConnections set out to improve the referral process by leveraging the power of the HIE and its large pool of participants, and created a mechanism for healthcare providers to make perinatal referrals to the Healthy Families Program for Onondaga County residents. Now, the organization is…

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New York Expands Electronic Patient Care Alerts Service Statewide

June 8, 2018

Healthcare Professionals Can Now Receive Alerts When Their Patient is Admitted to or Discharged from a Hospital Anywhere in the State Further Enhancing Care Coordination ALBANY, NY—The New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC) today announced the expansion of patient care alerts across the state’s eight regional health information exchanges through the Statewide Health Information Network for…

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Care OnDemand Comes to Central New York

May 18, 2018

Oswego Health introduces tele-health option for patients, partners with HealtheConnections HealtheConnections is proud to announce a partnership and data sharing agreement with the Oswego Health Tele-Health Urgent Care. This tele-health program, called Care OnDemand, is innovative in the area, helping patients by delivering affordable, efficient care wherever they are. Residents in Oswego County will be…

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Corporate Giving is Good for Business

April 20, 2018

HealtheConnections has a proud history of supporting health related events occurring across the Central New York region. That support comes in a variety of ways, but primarily through fundraising and volunteer opportunities for organizations that support health promotion and healthcare delivery. For us, this type of corporate giving is a visible demonstration of our commitment…

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Reduced Cost & Increased Productivity: Image Sharing with Transfer-to-PACS

March 16, 2018

Providers can access and share clinical images easier than ever with the Transfer-to-PACS (TTP) solution offered through HealtheConnections. The Central New York HIE has been developing resources for healthcare providers to share medical images more efficiently throughout the region since 2010. We’re empowering providers to view diagnostic-quality medical images when and where they are needed…

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Medical Image Sharing through the HIE Brings Unprecedented Cost and Productivity Improvements to Central New York

March 1, 2018

HealtheConnections and eHealth Technologies find success with innovative solutions HealtheConnections, the regional Health Information Exchange (HIE) serving 11 counties of central and northern New York, and eHealth Technologies, the leading provider of image-enabled HIE solutions, have teamed up to develop resources for healthcare providers to share medical images more efficiently throughout the region since 2011.…

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Alert Fatigue?  Not In Central New York!

February 19, 2018

HealtheConnections’ Unique Delivery Methods Make a Difference. HealtheConnections (HeC) offers the healthcare community diverse and unique ways to receive patient alerts. With more than 300 organizations and 2000 providers receiving alerts, it became obvious that we needed to create a way for each to choose their own combination of how and when to be notified…

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