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HealtheConnections Enhances Marketing, Outreach and Engagement

Coming off of incredible expansion and growth by the end of 2016, CEO Rob Hack and the rest of the HealtheConnections team are gearing up with plans for extensive outreach and engagement with current and prospective participants in the coming months.

HealtheConnections has teamed up with a CNY-based marketing agency to create interesting and compelling materials that will support efforts to engage participants and increase usage. The new media began in January of 2017, stretching across TV, radio, and web, focusing on the medical provider population across eleven counties of Central New York in a phased approach to spread its message.

In the next month, HealtheConnections will launch another facet of its orchestrated plan to promote HIE usage, participation, and data contributions that will include printed collateral, direct mailing, trade show exhibits, and more.

The company is proud of its recent growth, seeing 75% of area physicians signed on, 65% of participants already contributing data into the HIE, and the addition of 150 new organizations in the last year alone—but it isn’t stopping there. Through the next few months, the Provider Engagement Team at HealtheConnections will be using these new materials including direct mail letters, postcards, informational collateral pieces for direct connections with potential participants, and testimonial videos that highlight participant experiences and the value of HIE uses and services. The company has already implemented animated television commercials that feature a recognizable cast of characters, integrating them into all marketing pieces and laying the foundation for brand recognition, increasing participation, and ultimately, a more effective HIE.

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