September 2017 Newsletter

Medicaid Meaningful Use 2016 Attestation Deadline

Through the NY Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, eligible professionals (EPs) and eligible hospitals (EHs) in New York who adopt, implement, or upgrade certified EHR technology (CEHRT), and subsequently become meaningful users of CEHRT, can qualify for financial incentives.

Blanket Extensions Granted For 2016 MU Payment Year to EP´s Not Paid for 2015

The New York Medicaid EHR Incentive Program will automatically grant a blanket extension for the 2016 MU Payment Year to providers that attested for the 2015 MU Payment Year and have NOT received payment before 9/1/2017. There will be an outreach sent which will allow a 45-day extension to complete the 2016 MU Payment Year attestation after the provider has been paid. Please note the 9/15/2017 deadline for the 2016 MU Payment Year has not changed. There is not a general extension for all providers so there is not a common extension deadline. The extended deadline date will depend on when your 2015 attestation has been paid and each provider will be granted a timeframe to then go in and attest for 2016 MU after their payment date.

For providers who are able to go in to MEIPASS and attest but are still waiting for ETIN changes, final reports from their EHR Vendor, or other circumstances and cannot attest by the deadline last Friday 9/15, please apply for an extension via regular ADE form which is available on the EMEDNY website.


  • If you have been paid for 2015: Submit via email to your HeC representative, an expected or completed date of the 2016 attestations. HealtheConnections Engagement Specialists can assist with 2016 attestations questions if needed. These attestations must be completed asap.
  • If you have not been paid yet for 2015, please let your HealtheConnections Engagement Specialist know. You should have received notification already via email if you were paid. Notify HealtheConnections via email when you receive notice of payment. You MUST complete your 2016 within 45 days of the payment. HealtheConnections Engagement Specialists can assist with 2016 attestations questions if needed. It is imperative that you note the date of receipt of this communication.

Data Exchange Incentive Program (DEIP) Deadline Extension

NYS DOH has officially received approval from CMS to extend DEIP into the next federal fiscal year (FFY2018). Therefore, the deadline of 9/30/2017 is now pushed to 9/30/2018. Providers enrolled in DEIP must meet Milestone 2 by 9/30/18 in order to receive the milestone 2 payment.

To date, HealtheConnections has assisted 32 organizations with completing the program representing 548 Eligible Professionals and receiving reimbursements totaling $569,500!!

Please consider sharing your data with HealtheConnections and its participating organizations to enrich our Health Information Exchange making our patient clinical records even more comprehensive!

Contact Danielle Wert, manager HIE Community Engagement, 315.671.2241 x380

Updated Interactive Map on Website

A new feature has been added to the Participant Map on the HealtheConnections website to easily identify participants that are sharing data with the health information exchange. You can filter on a combination of Participant Type(s) and Data Contribution status. Those organizations that are sharing data are highlighted with a yellow shadow when viewing all participants.

Click here to view map

Rome Transcriptions

Rome Memorial Hospital transcriptions are now available through the health information exchange (HIE). These reports can be found by looking up a patient through myConnections and selecting the Transcriptions tab. Also, the transcriptions can be delivered to connected EHRs and Medent providers will be receiving these reports starting on 9/21. HealtheConnections continues to work with other integrated EHRs to deliver this information directly to their providers.

For more information, contact HealtheConnections support at or 315.671.2241 x5.

HealtheConnections Selects Diameter Health Platform for Clinical Data Quality

HealtheConnections, a growing Health Information Exchange (HIE) for eleven counties in Central New York, announced that they have selected the Diameter Health platform to provide data cleansing, as well as data quality analysis and dashboard reporting, for HealtheConnections participants. HealtheConnections receives over 600,000 Continuity of Care documents (CCDs) from more than 200 data sources monthly. This translates to 70% of regional providers that are contributing medical records to the HIE.

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August HIE Statistics

Patient Lookup

  • Users Accessing the HIE: 2,135
  • Documents Viewed: 102,694
  • Total Patients Accessed: 37,893
  • Logins: 2,150

Data Contribution

  • Clinical Records Received: 6,092,719
  • Patient Encounter Summaries (CCDs) Received: 628,339

Results Delivery

  • Results Delivered: 134,773
  • Total Practices: 463
  • Total Recipients: 1,594


  • Emergency Department Registration: 6,187
  • Inpatient Admission: 1,868
  • Discharge from Inpatient Stay: 1,562

Data Contributors

  • Hospitals: 19
  • Labs: 23 *including hospitals
  • Imaging Centers: 30 *including hospitals
  • Practices/Other: 182

Direct Mail

  • Total Users: 2,912

775 Participating Organizations

  • Hospitals: 23
  • Public Health: 12
  • FQHCs: 9
  • Practices: 424
  • Other Healthcare Entities: 157
  • Radiology Centers: 41 *including hospital radiology centers
  • Behavioral/Mental Health/Human Services: 130
  • Labs: 28 *including hospital labs

New Participants

Camillus Surgery Center

CNY Family Nurse Practitioner Home and Office Services PC

Consortium for Childrens Services

Cortland Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation

Disc Centers of America

Dr Vincent Sportelli DC LCN

Family Medicine Associates of CNY PC

Function Better Physical Therapy PLLC

HomeLife at Folts

InterFaith Works

Lewis County Department of Social Services

Mack Chiropractic

North Country Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgery Center LLC

Northwoods Operations Associates

Performance Physical Therapy PC

Potsdam Volunteer Rescue Squad Inc

Shane M Sopp MD PC

Start Physical Therapy and Physical Therapy Assistant PLLC

Westminster Manor

Westmoreland ASC LLC