November 2017 Newsletter

HealtheConnections Wins Big in the MarCom and Summit Marketing Awards!

In January of 2017, HealtheConnections introduced a new marketing campaign to Central New York, speaking directly to medical professionals about the benefits of the health information exchange. This was immediately following incredible growth in 2016, setting the stage for an exceptional result – reaching 800 participating organizations enrolled. The marketing campaign was a key element in a larger strategy to boost enrollment spearheaded by the HealtheConnections team.

The team now celebrates the strategy, execution, and result that was recently awarded Marketing Effectiveness in Healthcare accolades from both the Summit and MarCom Awards, two prestigious competitions with winners from all over the world. HealtheConnections is proud to be counted among them in partnership with MPW Marketing, based in Clinton, NY.

The campaign kicked off by unveiling a cast of characters featuring Frank and Violet, who find themselves in unfortunate situations, requiring the help of healthcare professionals and the HIE to return them to full health.

While the centerpiece of the campaign has been the animated television commercials, each facet is incredibly important, working together and incorporating our characters with strong messaging targeted directly to CNY healthcare professionals. This created a whimsical, energetic platform for the main message: the HIE’s practical, convenient benefits and impressive metrics.

Once the messaging was perfected, media was carefully curated to target physicians and other healthcare professionals as closely as possible. Outlets include television commercials, radio, online advertising, social media initiatives, testimonial videos, and printed collateral pieces.

HealtheConnections looks forward to another successful year with even bigger results – keep an eye out for new, exciting initiatives to bring the message of improved healthcare for all to Central New York.

October HIE Statistics

Patient Lookup

  • Users Accessing the HIE: 2,209
  • Documents Viewed: 109,792
  • Total Patients Accessed: 37,276
  • Logins: 2,294

Data Contribution

  • Clinical Records Received: 5,901,718
  • Patient Encounter Summaries (CCDs) Received: 622,986

Results Delivery

  • Results Delivered: 151,692
  • Total Practices: 477
  • Total Recipients: 1,660


  • Emergency Department Registration: 558,565
  • Inpatient Admission: 220,360
  • Discharge from Inpatient Stay: 157,402

Data Contributors

  • Hospitals: 22
  • Labs: 27 *including hospitals
  • Imaging Centers: 34 *including hospitals
  • Practices: 208

Direct Mail

  • Total Users: 3,045

804 Participating Organizations

  • Hospitals: 23
  • Public Health: 12
  • FQHCs: 9
  • Practices: 432
  • Other: 149
  • Radiology: 41 *includes hospital radiology centers
  • Behavioral/Mental Health/Human Services: 134
  • Labs: 28 *including 19 hospital labs

Welcome, New Participants!

Buffalo Beacon Corporation
Crown Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
Food Bank of Central New York
Kuss Physical Therapy
Marcellus Ambulance Voluntary Emergency Services Inc.
Norwich Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
Present Tense Psychiatry
Solid Ground Wellness
Southern Tier Rural Integrated PPS
The Faatz-Crofut Home for the Elderly
United Helpers: Home Health Services
Utica Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

New Data Sources

MVHS Medical Group (ACP/Faxton- Ambulatory)
North Area Pediatrics
Oneida County Health Department

Additional Data Feeds from:

Rome Memorial Hospital- Emergency Department