May 2017 Newsletter

SHIN-NY Data Contribution Requirements for Articles 28, 36, and 40 Organizations

HealtheConnections engaged Article 28 hospitals this past year to increase data contribution to the Health Information Exchange (HIE). As part of the next phase of data contribution, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) requires Article 28 nursing homes and diagnostic treatment centers, Article 36 home care agencies, and Article 40 hospice facilities to contribute data by March 9, 2018*.

What do you need to do to meet these requirements?

  1. Become a HealtheConnections Participant! Contact HealtheConnections’ Provider Engagement Team at 315-671-2241 ext. 5 or to sign up. If you are a current participant, your Provider Engagement Specialist will be contacting you to discuss your next steps.
  2. Share data with the HIE! New York State regulation requires you to not only be able to access data from the HIE, but also that you send patient data to the HIE. Share this document with your EHR vendor to determine your connectivity capabilities.
  3. Check your eligibility to receive incentive money! Incentive funds are available through the Data Exchange Incentive Program (DEIP), used to increase HIE adoption across New York State. Click here to see if your organization is eligible for DEIP or contact Danielle Wert, Manager of Provider Engagement, at You may also contact your Provider Engagement Specialist account manager.

*Click here to see the requirements for this initiative

New HIE Participants

Greater Syracuse Young Men’s Christian Association, Inc.
Health Homes of Upstate New York (HHUNY)
On-Site Imaging, Inc.
Cardiac Catheterization Associates, PC
Karl Hafner, MD, PC
Nicholas Gilfus, NP (DBA: Preventive Family Healthcare, NP, PLLC)
Physical Therapy Plus
Meadowbrook Terrace
Ted J. Triana, DO, PC (DBA: Compassionate Family Medicine)
Transformative Services

New HIE Data Sources

Psychological Health Care
Compassionate Family Medicine
CNY Medical Professionals