March 2018 Newsletter

Spring Cleaning: User Email Addresses

As part of HealtheConnections’ ongoing efforts to make improvements, we will be working with RHIO Administrators to clean up user email addresses. This means that each authorized user will be required to have their own unique email address. In the past, we allowed the same email address–typically, the RHIO Administrator’s email–to be used for multiple users, so this will no longer be accepted on AU forms. It is preferable that each user have a business email; however, personal email addresses (e.g., gmail, yahoo) will be allowed.

If you know that you are currently assigned an email address that is not unique to you, get your spring cleaning started early! Give us a call at 315.671.2241 x5 or email with your own email address to request the change and we will update your HealtheConnections’ user account.


  • If you do not log into myConnections for 60 days, your account will lock.
  • When you receive a new password, you have 5 days to log in or your account will lock again.
  • If you attempt to log in 3 consecutive times unsuccessfully, your account will lock.
  • For any of the above, contact or 315.671.2241 x5 to reset your password.

Providers can access and share clinical images easier than ever with the Transfer-to-PACS (TTP) solution offered through HealtheConnections.

The Central New York HIE has been developing resources for healthcare providers to share medical images more efficiently throughout the region since 2010. We’re empowering providers to view diagnostic-quality medical images when and where they are needed with a single click, anywhere, anytime.

New Participants

Adirondack Physical and Occupational Therapy LLC

Bishop Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Domenic Aiello MD

Foot Specialists Of CNY PC

New Data Sources

CAP: Adam Law MD PC

CAP: Radomir D Stevanovic MD PC

United Helpers: Maplewood Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

United Helpers: Riverledge Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

New Data Sources

Auburn Hospital – Acute CCD data

River Hospital – Acute CCD data

New York Spine and Wellness – Transcriptions

CNY Family Care- EKGs

EMR Integrations in Process

HealtheConnections is currently in the process of implementing with the following Electronic Medical Records systems. These EMRs represent multiple organizations within the HeC footprint and will allow for their data to be shared with the community. If you use one of these EMRs and are interested in sharing your data, contact HealtheConnections Support at 315.671.2241 x5.

EMR Functionality Data Type
Point Click Care CCDs inbound to HeC Long Term Care Data
QS1 PrimeCare HL7v2 inbound to HeC Pharmacy/Prescription Data
AllScripts ProEHR Bi-directional CCD flow Practice Data
Carena Telehealth CCDs inbound to HeC Acute Telehealth Data

February HIE Statistics

Patient Lookup

  • Users Accessing the HIE: 2,503
  • Logins: 42,606
  • Documents Viewed: 123,548
  • Total Patients Accesses: 42,058

Data Contribution

  • Clinical Records Received: 6,557,414
  • Patient Encounter Summaries (CCDs) Received: 710,830

Results Delivery

  • Results Delivered: 192,631
  • Total Practices: 144
  • Total Recipients: 1,679

Total Alerts: 878,237

  • Emergency Department Registration: 520,840
  • Inpatient Admission:205,040
  • Discharge from Inpatient Stay: 142,929

Direct Mail

  • Total Users: 3,213

Data Contributors

  • Hospitals: 20
  • Labs: 23 (includes hospitals)
  • Imaging Centers: 28 (includes hospitals)
  • Practices/Other: 185

Participating Organizations
Total Participating Organizations: 833

  • Hospitals: 23
  • Practices: 438
  • Public Health: 12
  • FQHC: 9
  • Behavioral Health: 135
  • Other Healthcare Entities: 186
  • Labs: 28 (including hospitals)
  • Radiology Centers: 41 (including hospitals)