March 2017 Newsletter

Your Responsibilities as a Participating Organization

HealtheConnections is a qualified entity of the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY).  As part of the SHIN-NY, each RHIO and its participating organizations must comply with the policies that have been outlined in the SHIN-NY Policy Guidance for 10 NYCRR Part 300 and with the documents that your organization signed with HealtheConnections in order for HealtheConnections to maintain its certification with New York State.

Your participation requires:

  • Maintaining Currency on Updates: HealtheConnections distributes information about Policy/Procedures and Services/Functionality updates.  These notifications are typically sent via e-blasts, newsletters, and posted on myConnections and HealtheConnections website for all authorized users.  At a minimum, it is the responsibility of the RHIO Administrator to share this information with their organization’s leadership and to reinforce the message with their users.
  • Break-the-Glass Attestation: Your organization’s Audit Report Recipient (ARR) must attest to Break-the-Glass (BTG) events, when notified via email by HealtheConnections Support.  This requires the ARR to log into myConnections to access and review the BTG report and return the attestation form that is attached on the email notification. This attestation must be returned within 5 business days.
  • Annual Audit Attestation:  Your organization’s Audit Report Recipient must attest to an annual audit, when notified via email by HealtheConnections Support.  This requires the ARR to log into myConnections to access and view the Patient Records Accessed report, the Consent Sample report, and the User Logins report.  The ARR must return the consent forms for the first 5 patients on the Consent Sample report, along with the attestation form that is attached on the email notification.  These documents must be returned by the end of the month when you were notified.  Refer to the Audit Report User Guide for additional details.
    NOTE:  The audit reports are available to the ARR each month for your continuous review.
  • User Deactivation:  When a user is no longer associated with your organization, you must notify HealtheConnections Support, via email, as promptly as possible.
  • Data Requests:  The NYSDOH may request information about participating organizations that we are required to obtain from your organization.  These requests will be made to your RHIO Administrator to respond with the information.
  • Other Requirements:  Can be found in the Terms & Conditions and Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures Handbook on HealtheConnections website at at the bottom of the page.

If an organization is deemed to be non-compliant, sanctions may be applied such as deactivation of services for users or termination of participation agreement with HealtheConnections.

Minor Consented Services Access Override

Patients under 18 years old may now override the consent status provided for them by their parent/guardian when receiving any minor consented services.

Minor consented services include, but are not limited to:

  • Alcohol or drug use problems
  • Birth control and abortion (family planning)
  • Genetic (inherited) diseases or tests
  • Mental health conditions
  • Sexually transmitted diseases

The child will be able to override if the parent/guardian has consented ‘No’, ‘No, except in an Emergency’, or has not yet consented for the child. If a parent/guardian consents ‘Yes’ for the minor, the child will not be able to override the consent, and the provider will still have access to the minor’s health record.

A healthcare provider who is eligible to offer minor consented services may click to override the parental/guardian consent upon obtaining a signed consent form from the minor. The provider will be presented with the “Minor Consented Services Access Override” screen before being permitted to enter the minor’s record. The form must be signed by the child at every appointment; the assent override will only remain in effect for the duration of the visit, and will not carry over to future appointments.

Important Reminders:

  • Break the Glass may still be used in an Emergency. All Break the Glass accesses will be audited.
  • Minor consented services should not be disclosed outside of patient/provider interactions.

Veterans Administration and Department of Defense Patient Lookup

HealtheConnections has established connections to the Veterans Administration (VA) and Department of Defense (DoD) within the last few years, to allow healthcare providers to access veteran and active military patient health records. A new feature has been added to Patient Lookup to improve the process for HealtheConnections users, thereby eliminating the extra steps needed to submit a query.

Upon entering a patient’s record, a VA/DoD query will be launched automatically to pull any existing records for that individual from the VA/DoD systems. Clicking on the “eHealth Exchange Documents” tab will launch a list of all available VA/DoD patient results, and users can click on each result to open and view data. This improved process makes it easier for users to find and view results for their patients.

Both the HealtheConnections consent form and the VA Request for Authorization to release protected health information are required prior to “unlocking” the patient’s VA records through HealtheConnections. Civilian organizations must have the VA-exclusive form completed then submitted by fax to 315-425-2401. Click here to access the form.

Need to Print Multiple Reports at Once? Now You Can!

It’s easy to compare results by combining them into one document:

SELECT: When in a patient’s record, select multiple reports at one time by clicking the checkbox on the left side of each listed result.

DOWNLOAD: Once you’ve selected the reports you want to combine, click on “Download Selected Items as PDF” under the Patient Actions section.

SAVE OR PRINT: Finally, print the combined results, or save them as a PDF document.

Questions? Contact HealtheConnections Support: 315-671-2241 x5 or

New HIE Participants

  • Alpine Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
  • Chestnut Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
  • Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County
  • Northern Radiology Associates
  • Mountain View Prevention Services, Inc.
  • Jeffrey Carmen, PhD
  • Oneida County Department of Mental Health
  • St. Lawrence Health Initiative
  • Elderwood at Liverpool
  • Pathways Counseling Services, LLP
  • Catholic Charities of Ogdensburg Diocese
  • St. Regis Nursing Home, Inc.
  • Comprehensive Women’s Health Services
  • Lifespan NP Psychiatric Services, PC
  • The ARC of Oneida-Lewis Chapter of NYSARC
  • Healthcare Partners of the North Country
  • Encompass Health Home
  • North Country Adult Medicine
  • Baby B.A.C.K. Inc.
  • CAP: Judith Griffin, MD
  • Utica Safe Schools/Health Students
  • Lewis County Search and Rescue