December 2018 Newsletter

The HIE Usage Dashboard is Here!

HealtheConnections participants have asked for an easier way to see health information exchange (HIE) usage within their organization. We’ve responded by rolling out the HIE Usage Dashboard.

The concept of the dashboard is quite simple and designed to be an intuitive tool for any user with the Patient Lookup and Audit Report services to view usage within their organization and:

  • Track what services staff prefers
  • Identify gaps in usage and training needs
  • Understand correlations between service usage and productivity

The information has always been trackable, but it required the participant to request the report each time they wanted to view the data. Now, the tool is embedded directly into the myConnections portal and the information is accessible on-demand.

The product was launched on December 4th, and in its first week alone had 144 unique users access the tool across 87 organizations. The reports are multifunctional and include organization demographic information, patient consent information, user information, unique patient count access, and results delivery counts(?). If a user would prefer to export the information into a spreadsheet, it’s easily accomplished.

HIE usage has increased across all services each year, but with a significant jump noted throughout 2017. Since the beginning of 2018, a specialized focus has been placed on innovative services and new product rollouts in response to this growing need. The HIE Usage Dashboard joins a suite of enhancements including new alerting functionality, Transfer-to-PACs (TTP) imaging enhancements, Results Delivery expansion, a Community Referrals platform built into the HIE, and much more.

It’s critical for organizations to understand the workflow and needs of their users, and to help HealtheConnections provide quality support services and training. We’re partnering with our participants, and a key element in any partnership is transparency. We want them to see what’s going on in their organization, and the HIE Usage Dashboard is another tool that will help them do so.

To learn more about HealtheConnections and our services, visit us at

Congratulations to the HealtheConnections Team for HITRUST Security Certification!

We are thrilled to announce that we have earned the HITRUST CSF certification. This states that HealtheConnections’ security standards have been thoroughly audited and proven to be exceptionally effective in protecting the health information it has been entrusted with.

This is an incredible achievement, with multiple team members working diligently over the course of almost a year to pass 19 individual compliance attestations, along with over 600 security controls and the MARS-E requirements for Medicaid and Medicare claims data.

We value the trust our participants place in us every day to keep their information safe, and this certification is representative of our commitment to the highest level of safety and security.

November 2018 New Participants

Arul & Arul Inc.
Blando Chiropractic
CAP: Gastroenterology Associates of Ithaca
Carmine Mastrolia MD
Genesee Orthopedic & Plastic Surgery
HopeMobile NP
Ithaca Health Alliance Inc.
Syracuse Podiatry
Upstate Psychiatry

New EMRs That Have Been On-Boarded

EMR Functionality Data Type
NextGen Bi-Directional CCD Flow Planned Parenthood Data

EMR Integrations in Process

HealtheConnections is currently in the process of implementing with the following Electronic Medical Records systems. These EMRs represent multiple organizations within the HeC footprint and will allow for their data to be shared with the community.

EMR Functionality Data Type
Accumedic Bi-Directional CC Human Services/LTC Data
Amazing Charts Unidirectional CCD to HeC Primary Care Data
ClinicTracker (Kno2 HUB) Unidirectional CCD to HeC Primary Care Data
gGastro Unidirectional CCD to HeC Specialist Care Data
MatrixCare LPC (Kno2 HUB) Unidirectional CCD to HeC Primary Care Data
Mediture Bi-Directional CCD Long Term Care Data
P&NP Unidirectional CCD to HeC Practice Data

November New Data Sources

Data Source Data Type
CAP: Gastroenterology Associates of Ithaca Practice Data (CCDAs)
Catholic Charities of Onondaga County Practice Data (CCDAs)
MVHS Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (RNC) Practice Data (CCDAs)
Planned Parenthood of Central and Western NY Practice Data(CCDAs)
Westside Podiatry Center Practice Data (CCDAs)

New Data Types from Existing Data Sources:

Data Source Data Type
Arthritis Specialists Practice Data (CCDAs)

November HIE Statistics

Patient Lookup

  • Users Accessing the HIE: 3,167
  • Logins: 42,086
  • Documents Viewed: 70,875
  • Total Patients Accesses: –

Data Contribution

  • Clinical Records Received: 5,967,835
  • Patient Encounter Summaries (CCDs) Received: 760,701

Results Delivery

  • Results Delivered: 190,133
  • Total Practices: 163
  • Total Recipients Configured: 1,805

Total Alerts: 1,514,129

  • Emergency Department Registration: 658,645
  • Emergency Department Discharges: 520,445
  • Inpatient Admission: 129,633
  • Discharge from Inpatient Stay: 193,850

Direct Mail

  • Total Users: 3,569

Data Contributors

  • Hospitals: 20
  • Labs (including hospitals): 23
  • Imaging Centers (including hospitals): 30
  • Practices: 201

Participating Organizations
Total Participating Organizations: 857

  • Hospitals: 23
  • Practices: 433
  • Public Health: 12
  • FQHC: 9
  • Behavioral Health: 135
  • Other Healthcare Entities: 186
  • Labs (including hospitals): 28
  • Radiology Centers (including hospitals): 41

Our strategic partnership with HealthlinkNY, the HIE of the Southern Tier and the Hudson Valley, is offering exciting new opportunities for all of us. Coming very soon, you’ll be able to access new information from their data sources through myConnections.

HealthlinkNY’s participants will be connected to the HealtheConnections platform and have access to the services you use every day. Information from their data sources in the Southern Tier and the Hudson Valley will be available within the next few weeks to all of you.

If you have any questions, please contact your Community Engagement Specialist or HealtheConnections Support at 315-671-2241 x 5.