Easily Access and Understand Patient Profiles, Identify Gaps in Care, and Check Quality Measure Rankings

You're faced with new challenges that require more information and better organization. Healthcare is getting more complicated. The industry’s demands of providers are growing, but resources remain the same. Providers need tools to get ahead, but who has the time to build an analytics strategy?


"Being able to use myData has helped us lower our Hospitalizations and ED visits considerably. Helping us to mainstream data and use that data to reach out to our patients has been a game changer for us. It is helping us accomplish our requirements for PCMH and give much better follow up care to our patient population."

- Lori Warner
Christian Health Service of Syracuse

myData is an innovative application that allows a user to easily access and understand their patient profiles, identify gaps in care, and see how they rank in quality measures.

HealtheConnections’ community data will combine with your patient information to help you get the most complete picture of your patient panel.


Easy to Use


Easy to Understand


Ready to Take Action


Flexible and Transparent

All myData reports are designed in partnership with practicing physicians who understand exactly what you need to get the job done right:


Analytics-Ready, Comprehensive Clinical Registries

myData gives you registries that are actionable, because they are based on clinical practice standards. Users will be able to see:

  • Which patients have high blood pressure?
  • Which patients have not been seen in 2 years?
  • Who may have undiagnosed diabetes or prediabetes?

With specifications embedded directly into the registries, you have more visibility to identify gaps and improve measures.


Hospital & Emergency Utilization Reports

Use registries to generate reports that will help you stay up-to-date on patient panel performance. With our detailed filtering capabilities, you can target patients with accuracy.

  • Which patients have been in the hospital or ED?
  • Is the admission or ED visit unplanned?
  • Was the patient readmitted to the hospital within a designated time period?
  • How many days was a patient out of the hospital or ED before being readmitted?

View registry reports for:

  • Controlling Blood Pressure
  • Prediabetes/Diabetes
  • Hospital/ED Utilization

Calculating Quality Measures

Satisfying quality measurement requirements is critical for value-based payment. HealtheConnections is a Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services Qualified Clinical Data Registry (CMS QCDR), and calculates NCQA-certified electronic clinical quality measures for all types of value-based programs. The data is timely, and the measurements are built into the reports as charts and graphs for easy visualization at any time.

Give Us Your Data, We’ll Give it Back

You’re already sharing data with HealtheConnections. We’ll organize and expand it with community-wide data into our Data Query tool, giving you a comprehensive view of your patient panel in simple, actionable dashboards.

In short, myData gives you the visibility that your EMR system can’t.

We’re turning Health Information Exchange (HIE) data into useful information that helps you target patient needs and positively affect outcomes. And, reports are conveniently integrated with the HIE, so you can access comprehensive patient records within the provider portal with one click.


Custom Solutions

If you have a specific use case that you don’t see here, talk to us! Our team will work with you to create analytics solutions tailored to your needs.

Innovation in Progress

  • More registries will be added based on provider need
  • Organizational reports will let you see performance across your organization, with the ability to drill down to facility and/or doctor
  • Support for PCMH accreditation

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