HealtheConnections and Nuvance Health Expand HIE Services through Radiology Image Exchange Connection

Nuvance Health supplies an additional 2,000 image studies per day to HealtheConnections, benefiting more than 1,600 participating care organizations in the community.

As part of an ongoing partnership, radiology imaging exams and reports from Nuvance Health, a leading nonprofit health system in New York State and Connecticut, are now accessible through HealtheConnections’ health information exchange (HIE). HealtheConnections is accredited by the New York State Department of Health and provides services to more than 1,600 health and care organizations, and now those organizations can securely view, share and collaborate on images coming from Nuvance Health’s 71 New York State sites.

Through a diagnostic-quality viewer, Hudson Valley providers can access radiology images including MRIs, CATs, X-rays, mammograms and ultrasounds. This viewer also offers side-by-side comparison options and HIPAA-compliant methods to share and chat in real-time with other medical professionals. With HealtheConnections’ portal, Nuvance Health staff and their referral partners no longer need to rely on patient discs or faxes for images.

Image exchange is only one of HealtheConnections top-tier HIE services, and the company maintains its position as one of the most robust image exchange providers in the country. In addition to the portal viewer system, a Transfer-to-PACS option allows an organization to download images from connected participants like Nuvance Health directly into their own PACS, saving time and effort.

Albert Villarin, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Nuvance Health, leads the health system’s efforts to leverage technology for better care delivery and patient outcomes and emphasizes their responsibility to the medical community at large. “Our patients trust us to continually innovate and make business decisions that help us deliver better care,” he says. “Connecting our imaging system to HealtheConnections can not only streamline individual patient care processes at our locations but also support our colleagues in the healthcare community working toward the same goals.”

“Secure data exchange through HealtheConnections supports patient safety and delivers convenience for both the patient and the provider,” said Rob Hack, President and CEO of HealtheConnections. “Image exchange has proven to be a critical component to improved patient-provider interactions for organizations like Nuvance Health and their provider partners.”

Images are now available for HealtheConnections participants and Nuvance Health providers. If your organization is not connected to the image exchange network, contact the HealtheConnections Support team,, to get started.