HealtheConnections Serves It Up in 2017

HealtheConnections began 2017 on a high note with incredible momentum from the previous year. However, the HealtheConnections team and its marketing firm, MPW Marketing, knew more could be done. With a well thought-out strategy, the company embarked on a mission to reach providers as its primary objective and, along the way, educate patients and medical professionals alike on the benefits of the health information exchange (HIE).

A carefully targeted media mix spread the news about our star patient, Frank, and his family, showing how healthcare providers could use the HIE to directly benefit patients. Combined with a renewed focus within the company and efforts from the team, HealtheConnections surpassed its 800th participating organization. This represents over 1,200 site locations that are participating with and using HealtheConnections’ services.

Rolling out new features and functionality throughout 2017 didn’t hurt either. HealtheConnections introduced enhancements that sparked usage, including a recent change to Transfer-to-PACS (TTP) that allows users to view a history of transferred images.

All of this adds up to an explosion of numbers from last year, such as:

· An increase of 17% of physicians using HealtheConnections’ services

· Over 265 data sources contributing medical records, up 27%

· A 53% jump in active HIE users, looking up 58% more patients

· 81% more Clinical Summary Documents received in the HIE; More than 650,000 per month

· 550% increase of imaging studies accessed due to TTP

But, it doesn’t stop here for 2017…not just yet. HealtheConnections is serving up its final push of the year with a creative and very distinct idea that it expects will get some fence-sitters over the line – a pizza delivery! Cleverly designed pizza boxes with HealtheConnections’ statistics and services, along with an incentive to join, are being delivered to physician practices and other healthcare offices that the company has been working with for the past year but have not yet taken the extra step to enroll in the HIE. This unique end-of-year outreach is spearheaded by the Engagement Team to catch their attention and end this notable year with a strong finish in enrollment, participation, and data contribution.