HealtheConnections HIE Portal Replaces Physician Portal for Leading Care Organization in Hudson Valley & Connecticut

HealtheConnections delivers health information exchange (HIE) services and connectivity to 108 new care organizations and 700 physicians

HealtheConnections has partnered with Nuvance Health, a leader in healthcare in the Hudson Valley region of New York state and eastern Connecticut, to sunset its physician portal and replace it with the health information exchange (HIE) portal through HealtheConnections before the end of September.

As the New York State Department of Health’s accredited HIE for the Hudson Valley region, HealtheConnections is well positioned to connect Nuvance Health and its regional partner organizations through one single portal system. The HIE aggregates regional patient health records to provide consolidated views of that patient’s health history. Through HealtheConnections, organizations like Nuvance Health can securely exchange patient data, which leads to increased efficiency and cost savings for both the organization and its patients.

Nuvance Health alone boasts 71 locations and more than 300 licensed clinicians. With its partners, this initiative will connect 108 new participating organizations with more than 700 physicians and the thousands of support staff members who require patient health information sharing and access.

The transition to HealtheConnections, a critical service in the Hudson Valley healthcare community, will yield operational efficiencies and patient care quality and safety improvements for the newly connected entities.

“Innovative technology, collaboration with our colleagues and the ability to securely share critical information are keys to delivering better patient outcomes at a lower cost,” said Albert Villarin, MD, the Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Nuvance Health. “We have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to leverage HealtheConnections’ established network within our community and take the next step toward realizing a seamless continuum of care.”

Nuvance Health employees and partners will have access to all the data they are accustomed to and then some. With consent, providers that access HealtheConnections’ myConnections HIE portal can receive the comprehensive medical record for their patients’ information from more than 460 organizations: Medical histories, vitals, allergies, medications, lab results, and more are right at their fingertips. As an added benefit, providers can take advantage of customizable clinical alerts, HIPAA-compliant email, robust image exchange, and value-based care solutions through HealtheConnections, all at no cost.

“Our customer and technical engagement teams have prioritized building relationships and fostering increased HIE usage by demonstrating its tangible value for participants,” said Rob Hack, President and CEO of HealtheConnections. “We are pleased by the trust Nuvance Health places in us and we welcome its partners to our network to deliver the data they need to support provider efficiencies and improved patient care.”

Nuvance Health and its partners join 1,400 other participating organizations and 10,000 providers across 3,600 locations in the 26-county region HealtheConnections supports.