HealtheConnections and Innovative Management Solutions (IMSNY) Partner to Launch HIE Data Sharing for Behavioral Health Independent Practice Associations

New partnership focuses on clinical alerts, application of patient data for improved outcomes in the behavioral health space.

HealtheConnections is pleased to announce a partnership to deliver critical patient care information in near real-time with Innovative Management Solutions (IMSNY), a joint venture between two of the largest behavioral health-focused Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) in New York State. Through this connection, these IPAs will now receive hospital clinical event alerts for their entire patient population to improve transitions of care, care coordination, and contribute to better patient outcomes.

IMSNY was established by Coordinated Behavioral Care (CBC) and Coordinated Behavioral Health Services (CBHS) in late 2019, leveraging strength in numbers through shared resources, knowledge, and expertise to provide meaningful analytics and operational efficiency. Together, they represent 80 behavioral health agencies and 160,000 Medicaid lives.

This project is the first successful connection through IMSNY’s Data Analytic Business Intelligence (DABI) Platform—powered by Arcadia. DABI collects information through these connections, organizes it, and clearly presents it for networks and agencies to make more informed decisions.

“We partnered with HealtheConnections on this project because of their strong HIE infrastructure and proven track record of success with agencies like ours,” said Richard M. Tuten, CEO of CBHS.

“The HIE is uniquely positioned to bridge the informational gap between clinicians, hospitals and CBOs,” said Rob Hack, President and CEO of HealtheConnections. “Hospitalization notifications are critical for prompt patient care.”

HealtheConnections has delivered data-driven solutions for more than a decade, serving 1,500 highly diverse care organizations that represent 11,000 licensed clinicians, including behavioral health agencies and CBOs. Its efforts are in close alignment with New York State Department of Health information technology and prevention agendas.

“Through data, we can develop a broader, clearer picture of the individual served and their multiple touch points within the healthcare ecosystem, which is critically important to our providers,” said Jorge R. Petit, MD, President and CEO of CBC. “Getting that data has historically been very difficult, let alone measuring and representing the impact the provider has on that individual.”

This has never been more necessary as providers navigate value-based payment structures implemented throughout the country in recent years. Providers must meet strict quality metrics and demonstrate that services improve overall health in order to receive payment. In that endeavor, the value of HIE data cannot be overstated.

“In very basic terms, value-based payment methods rely on accurate, insightful data to measure performance,” explains HealtheConnections’ Director of Business Development, Don Lee. “Especially for small care teams who are already operating at full capacity, using real-time, high-quality, readily-available HIE data can fill that gap.”

IMSNY continues to expand upon the hospital admission, discharge, and transfer data coming through the HealtheConnections feeds, building more comprehensive data sets including, but not limited to, billing data and clinical information.

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