HealtheConnections Adds ASCVD to myPopHealth for Local Health Departments

New funds from the NYSDOH will Expand HealtheConnection’s myPopHealth Application

HealtheConnections (HeC) has been awarded funds from the Division of Chronic Disease Prevention at the New York State Department of Health, to expand the myPopHealth application for Local Health Departments (LHDs). The funds will be used to add a new report presenting prevalence estimates of Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD). This report will provide LHDs an interactive tool to estimate current ASCVD prevalence for their county, based on aggregated data from the Health Information Exchange (HIE). The data are presented by county and zip code, through interactive maps, tables and charts. Filters for age, gender, race and ethnicity allow LHDs to examine the distribution of disease within sub-populations of their county.

The myPopHealth application offers unique value for public health partners. Unlike most sources of population-level data, the HIE data included in myPopHealth reflect a recent time period (the past two years). The myPopHealth application is updated with new data on a weekly basis, making it possible to evaluate interventions closer to when they occur and better make data-informed decisions. HIE-based prevalence estimates, which are based on diagnoses and clinical measurement, have the added benefit of including both diagnosed and undiagnosed diseases, offering a more complete view of prevalence in the population.

HealtheConnections is dedicated to leveraging its broad, diverse set of health information exchange data to support our regions’ LHDs and the New York State Department of Health in their work to monitor, help manage, and prevent chronic disease within our communities.