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Enhanced Alerting Now Available

HealtheConnections Launches New Alerting Capabilities

Featuring Medication Adherence Alerting
HealtheConnections has enhanced functionality with a new alert for Medication Adherence.  In partnership with Kinney Drugs, an alert will be sent out when a patient does not pick up a prescription after 14 days.  This notification gives providers the opportunity to follow up with patients, as needed.  These alerts can be critical for patients with multiple and chronic illnesses that may depend on a daily medication – if they have not picked up their filled prescription, it enables a physician or case manager to be aware of the situation.  For patients with a short-term malady, taking a prescription in a timely manner may help put them on the path to wellness and prevent a prolonged health event or even a trip to the emergency room.  Medication adherence alerts are designed to give providers an insight into patients’ commitment to their health and will be available for more than 70 Kinney Drugs stores. 

Additional HealtheConnections alerting capabilities include:

myAlerts Dashboard Enhancements

  • Delegation: A user can be set up as a delegate to view a provider’s alerts.
  • Filtering: Allows the user to filter on the type of alerts to view on the myAlerts Dashboard. The user can select consent-based, provider-based, delegate-based, or subscription list alerts.
  • Selectable Date Range: The user can select start and end dates to limit the list of alerts for viewing.

Subscription List Alerting Enhancements

  • The National Provider Identifier (NPI) can now be submitted on the patient subscription list for the provider to receive alerts, without a patient’s affirmative consent if they have not consented “No”. This is allowable since there is an already established relationship between the patient and the provider.
  • Now available in daily digest format.

Click for the Alerts Training Manual , Alerts User Form and Delegation Form on the HealtheConnections website.

For more information, please contact our support team at (315) 671-2241 x 5 or support@healtheconnections.org