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HealtheConnections is your Regional Healthcare Information Exchange (RHIO). Follow the steps below to learn about the importance of capturing patient consent to support your clinicians' access to medical records in the HIE.


Capturing Consent to Access Records


1. Register and attend a Consent Training Webinar

If you cannot join a live webinar, we offer a self-training guide, or you can access a recorded Consent Training webinar here.


2. How to Explain Consent to Your Patients

The patient-facing piece titled, Connecting you to Better Care, can be downloaded, printed, and referenced by your admissions and front desk staff when speaking with patients.

Your team members can also visit the FAQ page on our website for more information.


3. Inputting Patient Consent into NextGen

For guided workflow questions regarding the patient consent value in NextGen EHR, please reach out to your immediate supervisor.


4. Additional Information and Support

Our Support team is available during business hours and on-call for emergent needs at support@healtheconnections.org or 315-671-2241 x5. Also, your dedicated HealtheConnections Account Manager is Diane Beatini, available at 315-671-2241 x132 or dbeatini@healtheconnections.org.


5. Download a PDF Version of this Page



About HealtheConnections

HealtheConnections is the regional health information organization (RHIO) serving the 26 counties of the Central, Northern, Southern Tier, and Hudson Valley regions of New York State. We're a not-for-profit entity providing health information exchange, value-based services, and population health improvement efforts, fully accredited by the New York State Department of Health and a member of the Statewide Health Information Network of New York.

Through trusted collaboration with participants, stakeholders, and partners, we develop and deliver valued services, enabling improvements in health and healthcare delivery, resulting in healthier people, better care, and cost efficiencies. Visit us at healtheconnections.org.

helping address

social determinants of health


  • SDoH are conditions in the environment where people are born, live, learn, work, play and age that can influence health and well-being
  • We are promoting the use of SDoH screening tools (e.g., PRAPARE) to help standardize SDoH data, and the use of ICD-10 Z-Codes to document the information
  • HealtheConnections can play a role in making SDoH data centrally available on the HIE


quality of care coordination

for human services and community-based organizations

  • Querying comprehensive clinical patient records from hundreds of data sources
  • Sending secure, HIPAA-compliant communications for fast and easy-care coordination
  • Viewing results delivered into your own electronic health records system for easy access
  • Connecting to other state and federal partners
  • Connecting your patient with community programs


population health improvement


  • Using data to guide planning and evaluation
  • Promoting strategies that work for prevention and health improvement
  • Connecting partners to communicate and collaborate

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See how HealtheConnections can help you support

better care and improved population health