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HealtheConnections provides long-term care facilities like yours with instant access to health information needed to care for your patients, especially as they transition between different providers and care settings. With the health information exchange, you're connected to thousands of providers across New York State and at least 80% of the physicians in your community. Less faxing and less waiting means more efficient care, healthier communities, and greater cost efficiencies.



receive a new patient

Send and receive visit notes electronically from other organizations prior to the patient’s arrival.

get a clear view of

a patient's medical history

Download laboratory results, radiology reports, medications, allergies, problem lists, and more. Plus, get access to COVID test results and immunization reports.

close the loop with

primary care providers

Receive automatic clinical alerts customized to your patients and workflow.


readmission rates

Easily access and understand patient profiles
to identify gaps in care, and access unique dashboards, registries, and reports to support care and chronic disease management.

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more than

participating organizations





Health Information Exchange is the secure flow of patient data among healthcare providers. With a patient's consent, their care team can easily access their electronic medical records including histories, labs, images, reports, diagnostic tests, visit notes, and other vital information necessary to provide the highest quality care. This level of interoperability is crucial for optimal care coordination, and with HealtheConnections' services, secure exchange of information is smoother than ever before.

Consolidated patient information from hundreds of data sources creates a comprehensive clinical record, available at the touch of a button. Medications, allergies, medical history, labs, and more!

Secure, HIPAA-compliant communication for fast and easy care coordination. The intuitive system allows for live chat, sending and receiving attachments, and contains a national provider directory to connect you to referral partners.

Receive clinical notifications customized to your preferences in-region and throughout New York State. Filter and subscribe to alerts by patient, hospital, or consent, and receive through secure Direct Mail in real-time or by daily digest.

View results directly in the HealtheConnections portal or delivered into your own system for easy access. Cut down on waiting for faxes or phone calls – no need for a lab interface or electronic health record system.

View diagnostic-quality images easily and efficiently for comparative studies directly in the provider portal or have them delivered into your own PACS through Transfer-to-PACS.


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image studies received per month


clinical alerts delivered per month


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unique patient records received each month


unique patients accessed each month

a true partnership

Together, we have the opportunity to transform healthcare. By choosing HealtheConnections as your partner in success, we'll show you how to make the most of these free resources, maximize your returns on incentives, and meet quality performance measures. We're a not-for-profit entity, and we truly believe that you have a right to free services that will help you meet our shared vision of improved healthcare for all. Our job is to make sure you have the tools you need and the knowledge to use them.

Thousands of physicians are benefitting from the HIE-we think it's time that you do, too

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HealtheConnections is a Qualified Entity of the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY). In collaboration with the 6 other entities in their designated regions, we are committed to supporting patient-centric, value-based care, and developing tools and resources that enable better outcomes, efficiency, and affordability.