Pharmacists and healthcare providers can work together using HealtheConnections’ services to make it easier for patients to fill prescriptions and stay up-to-date on patient medications.

In three minutes, learn how these healthcare professional use HealtheConnections to save money, save time, and provide better care:

Effective, efficient communication between all members of a patient’s care team is critical.

How can HealtheConnections help?

Javier is a 29-year-old male with diabetes. Recently his endocrinologist changed his medication and sent the prescription to the pharmacy. Javier was unable to pick up the medicine, so his provider's office received an alert that the prescription had not been picked up.

The care coordinator at the practice called Javier and discussed his difficulty picking up medications regularly. She was able to work with the pharmacy to get the medication delivered to him directly in the future.

Endocrinology staff access Javier’s comprehensive records through Patient Lookup as they prep his chart for his appointment.

His primary care provider was notified via myResults that the endocrinologist had changed Javier’s medication.

The care coordinator at the office used Patient look up to see visit notes from the endocrinologist and work with the pharmacy through Direct Mail.

The most common services used by pharmacies are:

Patient Lookup
  • Healthcare providers can view comprehensive electronic patient records that display medical history, laboratory results and radiology reports and tests
Direct Mail
  • Providers and technicians can discuss protected health information with users in other connected facilities, using the secure Chat feature or in a secure email message
Query-Based Exchange
  • Healthcare providers can access state and federal systems and other external partners to view patient data