Other Healthcare Entities


HealtheConnections serves many other organizations and entities involved in the health of the patient outside of traditional care facilities, including physical therapists, hearing and vision centers, EMS services, and wellness centers as examples. While not every organization uses every service, HealtheConnections can bring the same level of care coordination to a variety of organizations improving the overall wellness of our community.

In three minutes, learn how these healthcare professionals use HeatheConnections across multiple healthcare entities to improve our community’s wellness:

Patient Lookup
  • Healthcare providers can view comprehensive electronic patient records that display medical history, laboratory results and radiology reports and tests
Direct Mail
  • Providers can discuss protected health information with doctors in other facilities with the Chat feature
  • Referral packages can be sent for Meaningful Use Transition of Care using a HIPAA-compliant messaging system
  • When a patient is admitted to or discharged from an inpatient facility, or if they have an emergency department registration, subscribed providers are notified of the event
Results Delivery
  • Both images and clinical results are sent directly to a provider’s connected EHR system or through Direct message to be viewed and stored, or are available through myResults
Image Exchange
  • Providers can view diagnostic-quality images within the HIE or their connected EHR
Query-Based Exchange
  • Healthcare providers can access state and federal systems and other external partners to view patient data
Community Referrals
  • A secure, bi-directional communication channel for providers to identify and collaborate with community-based programs.