For Patients

Even if you have relatively simple healthcare needs, coordinating information among your doctors can be a daunting task, and one that can lead to medical mistakes, if done incorrectly. When all of your doctors and healthcare providers can share your health information through HealtheConnections’ services, each of them has access to more accurate and up-to-date information about your health and treatment. Your information is protected by the highest security standards in the country, and your written consent is required for a provider to access your records.

This helps your providers make the best possible decisions, particularly in a crisis. Lab results aren’t always available to doctors at the time of your visit, resulting in repeated tests and procedures. In addition to the inconvenience and potential pain of some tests, the money spent can become overwhelming, resulting in higher costs to you in the form of larger bills or increased insurance premiums.

Now more than ever, it is critical to understand how your data is being accessed, shared, or used. This includes the data that you share or access through your personal devices. Be mindful of the mobile health apps or health websites that you use and carefully review their data-sharing rules and security protocols. Learn more from our partners at the New York eHealth Collaborative here.

Improved coordination of patient care

— your medical information is available across all of your participating providers, improving the quality of care you receive

Better emergency care

— when time is of the essence, your providers will have real-time access to vital information for diagnosis and treatment, helping to avoid adverse drug interactions and improve overall safety

Fewer repeated medical tests and procedures

— visibility of previously administered tests, results, and services will help avoid unnecessary repeating of tests. Cost efficiency for your doctor means cost efficiency for you!

Protection of privacy

— with a secure electronic exchange, only authorized medical personnel can access your health information, and all access is tracked and audited