HealtheConnections Growing, Relocates to Franklin Square

Company Growth and Development Prompts Move

HealtheConnections is pleased to announce its new office in historic Franklin Square. As an anchor tenant in Franklin Center, the firm occupies a beautifully renovated factory that was originally built in 1903 for the Clinton Knitting Company on lands referred to as the “old Salt Flats” in Syracuse. Formerly located in the State Tower Building on Warren Street in Syracuse, the regional health information technology and population health improvement firm relocated to allow more space to grow, a move that President and CEO Rob Hack sees as beneficial for the company and the community it serves. “It was important to stay a part of the vibrant resurgence in Syracuse,” Hack said, “and to be anchored in the middle of the Central New York region we serve. We wanted an employee-centric, interactive, and collaborative space that will support our continued growth and community partnerships.”

Hack indicated that the move to the new space is symbolic of the direction HealtheConnections is heading as a company. “Each day, we build upon the successes of the past with a strong focus on future innovation and improving valuable services,” he said. “And it starts with a positive working environment for our employees. Respecting the past, the space’s modern colors and contemporary furnishings provide a welcoming environment for its continued growth.” The company’s work is performed with community health and provider partners, and the hope is that this new environment will enable more effective collaboration both internally and externally. In its eighth year of operation, the company, with Hack as the first employee in 2010, has grown to 40 employees, adding several new positions each year.

HealtheConnections operates one of the state’s eight regional health information exchanges (HIE), working with health and healthcare delivery and support organizations throughout eleven counties in Central and Northern New York. Providing medical professionals with critical patient medical records and resources for improved patient care is the HIE’s ultimate goal, resulting in better health and care for the public. It is accredited through the NYS Department of Health as a qualified member of the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), and also currently supports New York State’s Prevention Agenda in conjunction with partner organizations to improve regional population health.

Over the last two years, HealtheConnections’ HIE has achieved exponential growth in usage and health data contribution, which is the backbone of its mission to improve the quality of care for patients, the communities they live in, and the efficiency of healthcare delivery for providers. Currently, there are 800 participating organizations including all area hospitals – 75% of the region’s providers use HIE services and 65% of them are contributing patient health records.

Hack is pleased to see this growth, and is determined to use that momentum to continue building relationships, developing valued services, and enhancing data quality for improved use. “We operate our business in an open, transparent and team-oriented way to deliver the best service to our participants and partners.” Hack says. “It’s the passion that drives us. There’s no question about the benefits of our health information exchange and population health improvement work, and we’ll continue to work hard to make sure we make a difference for the people living in Central New York.”

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About HealtheConnections

HealtheConnections (pronounced “healthy connections”) delivers trusted and valued services, which support health care transformation and efficiency initiatives focused on achieving the triple aim of better care, better population health and lower health care costs. HealtheConnections provides health information exchange (HIE) services* and population health improvement support services for the 11 counties of the Central New York region. The name HealtheConnections represents our commitment to engage and collaborate with health care physicians, hospitals, public health, mental and behavior health and human services, and other health care providing entities, insurers, businesses and consumers to deliver regionally valued services and initiatives that support New York state’s health information exchange and population health improvement agendas.

*HealtheConnections is accredited by NYS Department of Health as a qualified participant of the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY).