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Community Engagement: An Integrated Approach

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The ultimate goal of our organization is to provide better health for all, and that means health at every level. This is more than just engaging our providers as healthcare professionals – HealtheConnections is committed to reaching providers and patients throughout our community and recognizes the importance of supporting health initiatives in our region.

Our providers are active in their communities, and HealtheConnections has participated in a number of events in our service area that support healthcare professionals and their causes. We understand that health is a larger vision, and there are so many smaller ways that the company can be a positive influence for our community members.

We are active participants in the Syracuse Heart Walk, fundraising over $5400 for the event this year! As well as tabling the event, the company team volunteers for the walk. We’ve also organized an Earth Day clean-up around the Creek Walk in Syracuse, right near our offices. By maintaining a place for community members to be active and engage outdoors, we’re supporting a healthy lifestyle and aligning the HIE with health and proactivity in the eyes of our participants and the public.

We appreciate our nurses, and participate each year in Nurses’ Night Out, a fun night exclusively planned for nurses in our area – a great opportunity to show our support as well as introduce ourselves to those who use our services the most.

Last month, we planned a symposium in conjunction with our partners to the north, the Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization, to showcase how our services can create links between healthcare providers. HealtheConnections plans to conduct more symposiums to continue integrating healthcare across our region.

These are just a few examples of how HealtheConnections contributes to keeping our population healthy, starting from the ground up. Our goal is to continue supporting our providers at work and in the communities they live in.