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2018 Year In Review

Setting out to write this community letter for 2018, I reflected that this year was different. The message needed to be different. The typical annual report CEO message highlights progress, growth and the litany of value-providing services to those we serve, followed by a forecast of the year to come. As I look back on it – our ninth year of operation — it really was the culmination of each year, not just one. This was a significant inflection point for HealtheConnections and those we serve that has been years in the making.

Our mission states: “Through trusted collaboration with our participants, stakeholders and partners, we develop and deliver valued services, enabling improvements in health and healthcare delivery, resulting in healthier people, better care and efficient cost.” This anchors us, focuses us, and through purposeful innovation and our performance culture, we are realizing not only our mission, but our vision.

We are proud to announce that in 2019, HealthlinkNY, the health information exchange (HIE) and population health improvement team serving the Southern Tier and Hudson Valley regions, will be merging into HealtheConnections. Strong performance, valued services, and company culture were key criteria in partnering with us. This is a testament to our collective community partnership with all of you! With four regional offices across our service area, our health information exchange will now support 6 million lives, 1,300 participating organizations, 2,800 locations and 10,000 providers. Our population health improvement work, in collaboration with regional and New York State department of health partners, will now support Central, Southern Tier and Hudson Valley regions.

We will be busy integrating and aligning our overall efforts to support our new reach, but resolve to remain focused and continue to innovate and deliver the best services to all. Our data quality, population health improvement and valued-based care solutions teams are generating valuable – and funded – services and projects for our participants and stakeholders. The trust you place in us is our greatest asset. Our recent earning of HITRUST security certification, the gold standard in security framework, is evidence of our commitment to you.

We are invigorated as we approach 2019. We thank all of you for being a part of the fabric of HealtheConnections. Let’s make a difference!


Rob Hack, President and CEO

The Health Information Exchange


We’re hitting milestones this year, reaching the top-tier of adoption in every area.

Our work is supporting data source expansion, engaging participants and increasing the value they receive from the HIE, and maintaining the highest levels of data quality and information security.


Providers Contributing Data


Patients Consenting


Hospitals Participating & Contributing Data


Providers Participating

Community Referrals

was launched this year, providing an information link for clinical and community organizations.


v9.1 Certification for the myConnections provider portal, NextGen/Mirth health information exchange (HIE) and supporting infrastructure. We’ve gone a significant step further meeting regulatory requirements to support Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Minimum Acceptable Risk Standards for Exchanges (MARS-E).

2018’s most significant achievement was our partnership with HealthlinkNY, leading to full merger in 2019!

Revolutionary progress can only be achieved through enhanced collaboration and looking beyond the status quo. As a combined entity, we have an opportunity to capitalize on the momentum we’ve gained in our separate regions. Together, we serve providers in 26 counties from the northern border of Central New York, down to the Southern Tier, and through the Hudson Valley.
In 2018 alone, HealthlinkNY provider participation rate increased by

HealthlinkNY by the Numbers


Population Health Improvement

The Population Health Improvement team has made a positive impact in our 6-county population health service area since it was established in 2015. As our grant funding continues to expand, we help create communities that are safe, healthy, and more inclusive, while supporting the work of a network of partners in the region.
Built up HealtheCNY, our interactive population health data website, adding new tools for better data visualization.
Demonstrated our reach and relevance in the region by convening over 150 people, bringing in nationallyknown consultants to build local capacity and inspire action.
Formed new partnerships in preparation for the next Community Health Assessment process and innovative work in chronic disease prevention efforts.
We created a web-based tool that shows how local municipalities compare on policies that support health and prevent chronic disease, and promotes these policies.

A Value-Based Future

Value-based care is here, and our teams are working to assist providers as they keep pace with the changing reimbursement landscape.

Data quality and analytics continue to be priorities.
We’ve implemented a HIPAA-compliant analytics environment and successfully bid on projects to:
  • Create data extracts for a participating IPA and organizations monitoring the DSRIP program

  • Work with a variety of partners including a Regional Oversight and Management Committee (ROMC) facilitator, NYS Department of Health, accountable care organizations (ACO), independent practice associations (IPA), performing provider systems (PPS), and grant funded projects

  • Calculate measures as a CMS Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR), including NCQA-certified electronic clinical quality measures, for all types of value-based programs
2018 saw the development of myData
an innovative analytics tool that allows a provider to easily organize and understand their patient profiles and identify gaps where medical intervention may be required. Stay tuned for the official rollout!
Through HealtheConnections’ value-based solutions, we are dedicated to helping providers make sense of their data, organizing it to be actionable.

We’re working toward a future where the Quadruple Aim is a reality.

Where people are healthier, costs are lower, and both clinicians and patients have an improved experience delivering and receiving great care. This year is exciting, because we know we can get there.

As a Qualified Entity (QE) of the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), we’re collaborating with our counterparts and dedicated partners to support statewide health improvement agendas.

We are committed to shared goals and better outcomes.