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Even if you have relatively simple healthcare needs, coordinating information among your doctors can be a daunting task, and one that can lead to medical mistakes, if done incorrectly. When all of your doctors and healthcare providers can share your health information through HealtheConnections services, each of them has access to more accurate and up-to-date information about your health and treatment. This enables your providers to make the best possible decisions, particularly in a crisis. Lab results aren’t always available to doctors at the time of your visit, resulting in repeated tests and procedures. In addition to the inconvenience and potential pain of some tests, the money spent can become overwhelming, resulting in higher costs to you in the form of larger bills or increased insurance premiums.

HealtheConnections allows, with your consent, your participating doctors’ access to all of your information at once, including test results, reducing the potential for unnecessary and/or repeated tests. As the needs of patients are changing, so is the need to see various specialists. The addition of doctors in your circle of care can create confusion and lead to costly or harmful medical mistakes. By participating with HealtheConnections, your provider is reducing the likelihood of making one of those errors.

Ask your doctor: Are you HealtheConnected?