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Local Initiatives for Multi-Sector Public Health Action (Local IMPACT)

In September 2015, HealtheConnections announced that it received grant funding from the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), with initial funding through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to be spent over three years on the prevention and control of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke in the Central New York (CNY) region. HealtheConnections will leverage this award of $2.05 million dollars to implement environmental, lifestyle change program, health system, and community-clinical linkage strategies.

Local IMPACT strategies are designed to target high-need geographic areas by incorporating improvements to each of these four areas all at once. The improvements made via Local IMPACT, although focused on populations with high needs, and emphasizing the reduction of health disparities, have the potential to reach the general population. For example, a health system change, like increasing the engagement of nurses in hypertension management, could be extended to all patients in a practice or health care group.

Local IMPACT strategies are coordinated but varied, to impact both individuals and populations simultaneously. Implementing food and beverage standards at worksites will change the context of these places, to make everyone’s default decisions healthier. Lifestyle change programs provide the education and support necessary for people to improve their choices and behaviors in the context of their daily lives.

HealtheConnections’ Population Health Improvement work focuses on convening stakeholders from across the CNY region to share data-driven, evidence-based practices, and fostering strategies for achieving local priorities. Local IMPACT activities build upon this foundation, utilizing partnerships in six CNY counties and collaborations with local subject matter experts. The following organizations will support the implementation of Local IMPACT strategies within each of the six CNY counties:

County Partners:

Other Partners:

For more information, contact Rachel Kramer, Director of Population Health Improvement, at rkramer@healtheconnections.org.