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Health Information Exchange (HIE) Services


What is the SHIN-NY?

As the Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) of Central New York, a Qualified Entity of the State Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY), HealtheConnections brings together patient medical information from hospitals, medical practices, labs, imaging centers, and other health care providers to enable increased efficiency and overall quality of healthcare for patients across the region. The information is governed and managed by HealtheConnections through health information exchange (HIE).

Health information exchange is a secure flow of patient data among healthcare providers. The electronic medical records include histories, labs, images, reports, diagnostic tests, and other vital information that can be accessed with a patient’s consent.  HealtheConnections makes this information available and more easily accessible and as patients move from one healthcare setting to another, providers can view the patient’s medical records from other healthcare professionals.  The ability to share and exchange information is offered through a variety of services from HealtheConnections.

The services are made available to organizations that participate with HealtheConnections through myConnections, a secure, single sign-on portal for authorized users.


Our Services

Patient Lookup

Real-time consolidated view of a patient’s community-wide health records

Direct Mail

Secure email system to communicate patient clinical information between healthcare professionals


Patient activity notifications sent to providers for Emergency Department encounters, in-patient hospital admissions and discharges

Results Access & Delivery

Automated Delivery of Results, Reports and Images through the HIE to a Participant’s EHR, or viewed directly in the HIE via myResults

Image Exchange

Access to and viewing of diagnostic-quality radiology image studies

Query-Based Exchange

Access to state and federal health records systems and other external partners to view patient data