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Substance Use Disorder: Part 2 Data Accessibility Development

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HealtheConnections has developed a Substance Use Disorder protocol, commonly referred to as 42CFR or Part 2, for receiving and disclosing data through the health information exchange (HIE). With this new capability, authorized medical professionals are able to immediately view a patient’s information that may previously have been difficult to obtain, giving the provider a more complete picture of the patient’s needs and, ultimately, leading to better quality of care. This protocol is an initial implementation in New York State and HealtheConnections is proud to be one of the few HIEs in the country spearheading innovation in this sector.

In February of this year, a ruling at the federal level by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) prompted HealtheConnections to delve further into a problem that they have been attempting to address for the last five years – the regulation and implementation of protected health information regarding drug and alcohol abuse. Now, through collaborative guidance from SAMHSA, the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS), and New York State Office of Mental Health, HealtheConnections is able to offer a solution to its participants.

Part 2 data requires special provisions due to the sensitivity of its content. HealtheConnections is implementing the following provisions to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations:

  • Qualified Services Organization Agreement (QSOA) is in place between the Part 2 facility and HealtheConnections
  • HealtheConnections uses a facility tag to identify the Part 2 data
  • Treatment facility obtains a patient’s ‘Release to Disclose’ to HealtheConnections and only sends data for patients with affirmative consent
  • HealtheConnections participants obtain QE consent to access all the patient’s records through the HIE
  • HealtheConnections restricts access to Public Health and sPRL

HealtheConnections has developed a policy and the technical capability to meet regulations and allow authorized users to access Part 2 data when caring for a patient. This important information, available through the HIE, can give the practitioner a more comprehensive assessment of what the patient’s medical needs are.

Rob Hack, President and CEO of HealtheConnections, says he hopes that other HIEs will follow closely behind. “Our purpose is to provide the most holistic view of a patient to our healthcare professionals, and give them tools to assist in their decision-making process to provide care,” he says. “This is one more way we are able to do that.”

The capability will be made available to HealtheConnections’ users by October.

For further information, contact Karen Romano, Director of Operations at 315.671.2241 x250 or kromano@healtheconnections.org.

Popular News Program “Bridge Street” Features HealtheConnections

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Karen Romano, Director of Operations and Business Support, and Danielle Wert, Manager of Provider Engagement Services, sat down with reporters from News Channel 9 to talk about HealtheConnections’ mission and exactly how it works from both the patient and provider perspective.

HealtheConnections operates the health information exchange, or HIE, which organizes information for providers, allowing them to access the information they need when they need it. If a patient has consented, their doctor can view their medical records from locations across New York State at the time of care and have a more complete understanding of their needs. We serve over 750 organizations throughout our 11-county region in Central New York, and are consistently improving services and solutions to help our participants deliver the best care.

As reporter TeNesha Murphy says, it seems almost too good to be true, but we are proud to say that our technology is, in fact, available to providers at no cost and already improving healthcare.

Check out the full interview here:

HealtheConnections Seeks Gold Standard of Data Security Certification

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Certified Assessor BluePrint Healthcare IT to Support HITRUST CSF Certification Process

SYRACUSE, NY and CRANBURY, NJ — July 15, 2017 — HealtheConnections and BluePrint Healthcare IT (BluePrint) jointly announced they are partnering to achieve HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) Certification for HealtheConnections in accordance with the HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF).

HealtheConnections operates one of the state’s eight regional health information exchanges (HIE), working with healthcare organizations throughout eleven counties in Central and Northern New York. As a HealtheConnections participant, authorized healthcare professionals are able to access critical patient medical records and resources securely and at no cost. HealtheConnections’ resources are enabling Central New York medical providers to achieve meaningful use and technology adoption, along with empowering the overall healthcare community to improve patient care through the use of health information exchange, community health data, and best practices.

“We take pride in continuous growth and development of new, innovative technologies to better support our participants,” said Rob Hack, President and CEO of HealtheConnections. “The HITRUST Certification is another layer of assurance that the information our healthcare professionals rely on is as secure as possible. It clearly demonstrates to all our stakeholders – the New York State Department of Health, all healthcare organizations in Central and Northern New York, and the 1.5 million patients we serve – that our security program is reliable.”

Currently HealtheConnections aggregates information from over 200 data sources, including valuable partnerships with the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and many medical organizations throughout the state of New York and beyond—as healthcare information technologies continue to develop, that number will only grow. Security is one of their top priorities.

Vikas Khosla, President and CEO of BluePrint Healthcare IT, highlights the growing trend, “Cyber threats and organized targeting of healthcare data are on the rise and the HITRUST CSF has become the “gold standard” for measuring and certifying security management programs. Because of the unique and paramount role that HealtheConnections plays in value-based, shared care, it’s prudent to adopt a scalable security framework that addresses the most widely trusted standards in cybersecurity.”

“We believed back then, as we do to this day, that a framework was needed in healthcare to establish a solid and clear foundation for a security management program,” said Khosla. With a sole focus on the security programs of healthcare organizations, BluePrint provides practical, real-world, implementable solutions for the expanding number of HIEs, Business Associates and Health Systems pursuing HITRUST certification.

HealtheConnections expects to pass the rigorous HITRUST Certification in 2018.